How to Fix Broken Glasses like a Pro

How to Fix Broken Glasses like a Pro
Grandpa tripped and fell yesterday. Other than a lump on his forehead and an ugly black eye, he is fine today. His scratched and cracked eyeglasses lying broken on the dining room table? Not so fine. :)

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Those who have glasses understand how inconvenient it can be to have your glasses broken. Whether you have stepped on them, dropped them accidentally, and had them broken in a sporting event, your broken sets of glasses can make it hard for you to enjoy normal vision. Depending on how severe the broken frames are, there are a few tricks and tips which you can use to salvage them. This article takes you through the steps and methods that you can use to fix your glasses and fix your broken glasses, broken frames as well as broken nose pads.

What to Do Before You Get Started

Before you start fixing your blue light glasses at home, you must call your seller and get some questions answered before you start any procedure at home. You may be surprised to learn that your warranty is still valid, or a discounted service is available.

Take for example, if your frame breaks, while the lenses are still in great condition. What you should avoid is to fit your lenses on new sets of frames. The reason is that your lenses were specifically designed for your kind of frames, and your lens’s optical center should line up with your eye’s pupil to avoid fatigue and strain. If you get the lenses retrofitted into new frames, your vision will be affected considerably. This is true for progressive glasses which require a lot of accurate measurements, and so it’s not possible to reuse any progressive glass because of their advanced multifocal design screenshot.

1). If the frame around the lens breaks

Here is the best method that you can use to fix plastic eyeglass frames using bonding glue.

  • Remove dust from the damaged areas and ensure that it’s very clean.
  • Cover the glass lenses using wax paper to ensure that glue doesn’t spill on them.
  • Apply enough glue on the two ends that you want to be attached.
  • Hold those pieces together and hold them for a minute or more.
  • Put down your glasses and leave them there for fifteen to twenty minutes.

However, you should be sure while using bonding glue to repair your broken glasses because it’s very hard to remove the glue when it gets into the surface of your lens.

2.) When the arm breaks

The arm of your glasses may break due to wear and tear due to the hinge screw falling out. Here are 2 ways that you can use to fix it.

a). Eyeglass repair kit:

You can buy this from your local supermarket or an optometrist store. This kit has enough spare screws, nose pads, magnifiers, and more.

b). Toothpick:

You can use a toothpick to hold the arm of your glass in place, instead of a screw. Push it in there and trim off the excess toothpick. It’s a simple method that works most of the time.

c). When the nose pads have broken:

Fixing broken nose pads of blue light glasses is easy. Generally, the nose pads are held by very small screws. Get a screwdriver of the same size from the eyeglass repair kit, remove the nose pad that has been damaged and replace it with the new one.