How to Make a Gold Bracelet in OSRS in 2023?

Gold Bracelet

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Making Gold Bracelets in OSRS is a fairly easy process. You will need a crafting level of 7, along with a Gold Bar, and a Bracelet Mound. Each Bracelet will consume one Gold Bar from your inventory. The process can take place at a Furnace, which can be found in several locations around OSRS. Another point worth noting is that you can only make a Gold Bracelet if you’re a member of the game (P2P Player).

Which Furnace Should I Craft At?

The Furnace that is most accessible to players is the one in Edgeville. It is located close to the Grand Exchange, allowing you to purchase and sell the items whenever you prefer.

The Furnace is about 14 Sq away from the Edgeville Bank, making it the most convenient place to make Gold Bars. You can always consider heading to the Al-Kharid Furnace, but it is about 30 Sq away from the bank, which is more than the one at Edgeville.

If you’re looking for a closer Furnace, you can consider heading to the Shilo Village (14 Tiles); however, it’s not suggested because there are a few hefty requirements to gain access to the area. Apart from that, you have to pay a sum of 20 coins every time you use the Furnace, but if you have Karamja Gloves 4 in your possession, the access is free.

How To Reach Level 7 Crafting?

You need exactly 650 XP to reach level 7 in Crafting. You can consider completing quests like Sheep Shearer, Misthalin Mystery, or Goblin Diplomacy to reach the required level.

Alternatively, you can craft about 260 pieces of Wool into Balls of Wool. You may be at a loss through this method, so if you have enough capital to burn, then you can target this method.

It’s suggested that you craft Leather into Leather Gloves from level 1. You’ll only need thread and a few Leather pieces in your inventory for it. You have to make a total of 48 pairs of Leather Gloves to reach the required level.

Lastly, you can make 52 Pots using Soft Clay. You can obtain it by mining Clay yourself (level 1 Mining), and then Humidifying it, for ruby bracelet osrs. You’ll need a Jug or Bucket of Water to convert normal Clay into Soft Clay, and then you use the material to make a Refined Pot at a Potter’s Wheel. Finally, convert it into a Pot using a Pottery Oven.

How to Obtain a Bracelet Mound?

Since it doesn’t cost much, you can purchase a Bracelet Mound from the Grand Exchange. If you’re an Ironman, or if you wish to save your hard-earned GP, you can obtain one from any Crafting Store for a sum of 5 GP, which would be lower than the price listed on the Grand Exchange. There’s a Crafting store in Al-Kharid called Dommik’s Crafting Store, for gold bracelet osrs.

Are Gold Bracelets Profitable?

If you’re a low-level player, making Gold Bracelet osrs would be the best money maker for you. With every trip to the furnace, you can make exactly 27 Gold Bracelets. You need to ensure that you use the right-click option to make them at once.

You can make around 150,000 OSRS GP every hour by crafting Gold Bracelets and selling them. Besides that, you also get good crafting XP as a beginner.

What Are Gold Bracelets Used For?

The Gold Bracelet itself has no real stat bonuses, nor can you enchant it with any spell, such as a Dragon Stone Amulet enchanted to an Amulet of Glory, for ruby bracelet osrs. Gold Bracelets are primarily used for high-level alchemy because the losses are minimal, making them a good source to train your Magic skill.


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