How to Recover Lost Data on Your Computer?

How to Recover Lost Data on Your Computer?
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Last Updated on March 4, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Lost Data recover and security is an important business around the world, the UAE is investing $750 million in data centers. As computer technology evolves, the world is continuing to safely store data.

But what if you accidentally delete important files or documents from your computer? There are ways to help recover data if this happens. This short guide will help you recover lost data from your computer.

Data Recovery

If you own a Windows laptop or computer, there are ways to help recover lost files. This laptop recovery system can revert to previous versions or restore lost files that were previously deleted.

When you restore a previous version, the computer will retain a copy of the file or folder. Windows will autonomously retain a restoration point that stores information from that time. These copies of files or folders are known as shadow copies.

Recover Your Data From Backup

One method of restoring these files is from a backup source. Before entering the recovery stage, insert the media or backup drive. This drive or media should contain a copy of the missing file or folder.

After selecting the start button, navigate to the control panel. Once the control panel opens, select System and Maintenance. Then open Backup and Restore. 

The wizard for Backup and Restore will open, select Restore My Files. Follow the steps to recover any lost files or folders.

Recover Your Data From Previous Versions

This method allows you to recover your data using a previous restore point in your computer’s system. Open Computer by navigating to the start menu.

In the computer window, navigate to the folder location containing your missing file or folder. Once there, right-click the folder. Select the option entitled Restore Previous Versions.

If the file or folder was in the root drive, you must select the drive itself. For example, if the folder was contained in the “C:\” drive, you must select the C Drive.

Select the drive, right-click, and select Restore Previous Versions. This will allow you to restore the drive itself to a previous restoration point.

Once you select this option, a list of previous restoration points will appear. Select the timeline that contains the missing files or folders. This can also include any file or folder saved onto a backup drive. 

Many programs can allow you to retain information. They can also allow you to provide security checks on drives for missing files or folders. A data recovery store can also provide hard drive recovery services.

Recover Lost Data

There are many ways individuals can recover lost data. Many Windows & Mac computers offer self-servicing systems.

But, in an emergency, a data recovery service can help collect missing information. These centers can allow you to recover important information vital to your home or business.

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