How to store the wedding gown before the wedding?


Last Updated on February 14, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Every bride hopes to look stunning on her wedding day, and that’s only possible when you take good care of the wedding gown right up to the big day. So, the first step to having a perfect short-term wedding gown preservation is to take good care of the dress from the time you bring it home till the time you walk down the aisle.

Here are a few steps that can help you keep the gown in pristine condition.

  • Protecting the fabric color:
  • As with most garments, bright sunlight can lead to gowns losing their sheen and losing the color. In fact, direct sunlight can be quite hazardous for the light-colored wedding gowns and the bright embellishments on it. While it is quite tempting to have the dress out for all to see – family members dropping in before the big event, you should store it in a dark place – such as a closet or the place under the bed, to keep it safe from the sun rays and protect it from discoloration.
  • Preventing the gown from water damage:
  • Liquid damage or even exposure to a humid climate can have a negative bearing on your otherwise pristine gown. Some of the most common effects of the same include damp spots or mildew stains. Looking for a solution to it? Try storing the gown in a cool and dry, temperature-controlled environment. Keep it away from windows and see to it that if you are opting for wedding gown preservation, the gown isn’t wrapped in plastic, as plastic tends to trap moisture inside. Also, try not to store the dress in the basement – as basements tend to be a little damp, which is certainly not the way forward for gown preservation.
  • Protect the dress from stretching:
  • Most wedding gowns feature heavy beading or embellishments. Thus, if stored incorrectly, they may lead to fabric stretching. So, if you are planning on hanging the dress in the closet, do so by the loops on the insides of the dress. They are added to help people store the dress and carry the weight of the garment. This also takes the weight off the delicate fabric on the sleeves or on the shoulder straps. In short, never hang the dress by the elastic shoulder straps. However, if your dress is particularly heavy, you should try laying the gown flat in a garment bag. Gently fold the dress and wrap it in acid-free tissue before placing it in the garment bag.
  • Prevent weird smells:
  • Like any other fabric, gown fabrics can also absorb odors in the environment. This is why you should keep it away from smoke, kitchen odors, cigarette smells, and other household smells. Store it in a place where common household smells cannot reach. This is a great way of making sure that the gown remains pristine and smells fresh on the big day. Moreover, pets are curious and love to explore new smells, and so, the last thing you’d want to see is some scratches on the expensive gown.
  • Removing the wrinkles safely:
  • Was your dress stored well? In that case, you may only have to worry about a few wrinkles, which is nothing major and easy to get rid of. If you own a light and simple wedding gown, you can get it done yourself. Simply hang the dress high and use a hand-held steamer to iron out the wrinkles. However, if you own a silk gown or probably have an expensive gown with lots of design elements, you should leave the job to the experts.

Key takeaway

If you are not sure about wedding gown preservation, we’d recommend getting in touch with the shop from where you bought the dress. Else, you can even reach out to a local, reliable company offering gown preservation services, and get yourself a gown preservation kit. This is a great way of protecting your dress and keeping it pristine until the day of the big celebration.

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