How Can You Control Dogs?

How Can You Control Dogs?

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by Saira Farman

This question comes to all of us who pet a dog. It’s very interesting to know how they learn, think, and do the job subsequently. Sometimes, the owner becomes confused because of their pets’ behavior. It not only happens with average dogs but the smartest dog breeds in the world have to confront the same thing in every phase of their lives.

Whether you have a pet or you want to buy one, you should educate yourself before you have them. Otherwise, proper handling would be very difficult. Nowadays, people are buying more pets without knowing how to control them. Finally, the silent one has to suffer for your behavior. We all want our pets to behave exactly what we say to them like in the training. You can; there are some techniques to do that.  Let’s see how you can do that in detail.  But first, take a look at how they learn and think.

How Dogs Learn

You have to understand that the dogs don’t learn or think in the same way the humans learn or think. We want the popular dog breeds in India but forget to care about them. If we don’t know how they react, then it becomes difficult to handle them. Dogs learn through visual and scent cues. Dogs have needs and goals to fulfill. If you are not able to fulfill what thy desire, then you might be in trouble.  

We have read about Pavlov’s experiment on dogs. They learn through conditioning even the smartest dog breeds in the world. There are two types of conditioning – operant and classical. Operant conditioning is responsible for voluntary responses like a dog sitting for a reward and classical conditioning is the involuntary response like a dog salivating when it sees food.

Operant conditioning is used to tackle dogs to learn some tricks tips. It works on reward stimulus. As they do something good or bad, give or take away the reward. We shouldn’t apply aversive or reward stimulus very frequently because they get habituated with the thing and it doesn’t affect them. For example, when your dog leaves a scent mark with urine all over your place, the first thing you need to realize is that he/she doesn’t think urine is gross like you do. It is very handy to know how to stop dog from peeing in the house, because it is really helpful for teaching and interacting with your male dog, even for female dogs. Female dogs can also mark, just in general, male ones tend to do it more.

Techniques to Control Your Dogs

It takes some time to train a dog. It doesn’t mean you will lose your patience. You have to work upon it until they perceive what you want. Let’s see some techniques for how to achieve this.

1.    Reward or treat your dog like a biscuit or quick walk or toys. Remember not to apply physical force.

2.    Be consistent about what you are commanding your pets like “Sit” or “GO”. You have to show them that they will not get any treatment until the command is executed.

3.    Be the boss of your pet like when you are walking towards them. Make sure that they don’t jump on when you come home. So, greet them last and ignore what they do when you come home.

4.    Dogs don’t understand humans but they understand the tone and sounds. When you disapprove of something, let them know with your tone and sound.

5.    Always use eye contact to let them know that you are in domineering power. Make sure you eye contact with them when you are commanding something.

6.    Get on a walk with your pet by chaining their throat.

7.    Use clicker training to make them understand that you are commanding something. A clicker is a small plastic box that makes a sound.

8.    If your dogs behave aggressively, you should contact the local veterinarian.  

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