How To Style Your Box Braids For Every Occasion?

Box Braids

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Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles out there. They’re versatile, stylish and easy to maintain — not to mention they can look absolutely gorgeous on any type of hair! Whether you’re looking to learn how to style your box braids yourself or need some advice on how to make them last longer, we’ve got the answers you need in this complete guide on how to style your box braids.

Step 1: Condition, Part, And Wash

Before starting, you should make sure your hair is clean and conditioned. You will need an even part in the front and a second part that goes from ear-to-ear in the back. The two parts should be about one inch apart. Parting your hair this way will help you see where to start braiding. Once you have braided all of your hair, it’s time to tie off the ends with elastic bands or fabric ties. This is called knotless braids because you don’t have to worry about weaving them into knots at the end like traditional box braids.

Step 2: Products

Braiding hair can be a strenuous and time-consuming process, especially if you’re doing it yourself. To make the process easier, you can use knotless braids. Knotless braids are braided extensions that are made from 100% Kanekalon synthetic fiber. They come in various styles so you can have your desired look.

One of the most popular styles is box braids, which look like a curly Pippi Longstocking braid. You can style your box braides in many ways– with your locks out or pinned back, slicked back into a bun or ponytail, or with a side-braid thrown in there for an added flair.

Step 3: Sectioning

Section the front of your hair with a parting, and separate into two sections. Take the back section and divide it into three equal parts. With one strand from each section of the back section, start twisting them together (creating a braid) until you reach the end. Repeat this process with all three strands until you have braided down all three sections of hair on the back of your head. Tie a knot at the end, making sure it is tight so that your braid stays in place.

Step 4: Plaiting

Now that you have your box braid pattern, it’s time to plait! To start, divide your hair into two sections. From here, place a small section of hair from one side over the other and secure with a braid band or elastic. Repeat this process with the remaining sections of hair until you’ve reached the end of your head. After reaching the back of your head, take all loose hairs in one hand and tie them together with an elastic. Now take the rest of your hair on either side and bring them forward around to create loops. Tie these loops together in their own knot by looping both strands around each other before pulling them tight. Secure these loops down by clipping off any excess strands using bobby pins or clips. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and decide what you like about how your braids look before moving on to step five – styling!

Step 5: Maintenance

• Do not use products that contain alcohol, as this can dry out your hair and lead to breakage. Use products like conditioner and leave-in conditioner instead.

• Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates, as they can be too harsh on the strands of your hair. Instead, opt for a shampoo that contains coconut oil, aloe vera or shea butter. These ingredients will help moisturize and nourish your tresses.

• Allow your braided style to air dry before brushing through it with a wide-tooth comb or fingers. This will loosen the braid and allow you to distribute the natural oils evenly throughout each strand of hair.

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