6 Efficient Ideas to Prep your Home for Diwali

6 Efficient Ideas to Prep your Home for Diwali

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

The biggest Indian festival – Diwali is soon approaching and it’s now time to prep your home up or in better words “Glam Time”. Upgrading the Home Decor for Diwali will involve a lot of preparation. From deep cleaning to the decoration of the home, there are many important activities to be taken care of.

But why does it all becomes important, especially for Diwali? Well, as per mythology, Goddess Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and prosperity visits homes and resides in clean and clutter-free areas. Hence clean and decorate! 

To begin with, we have made a list of 6, the 6 most important home decor ideas that will help you outshine others and make your decor statement. We have concentrated on each area of your home – living room, study room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. Follow this step-by-step procedure and look at how efficiently and quickly your house is prepped up. 

Deep Clean

The first step is to deeply clean your house but we need to understand cleaning is a step-by-step process and for that, first, we have to declutter. Remove clutter from each corner of your home – the space behind the refrigerator, the space below the bed, or the storeroom; check every room and its corners.

Remove everything that you need no more, check the drawers & cupboards, and then sanitize the appliances. This process can be tiring so start a month before Diwali and dedicate your weekends to this process. One weekend for each room. And the last reminder, keep yourself masked and take all the necessary precautions against dust and dirt. 

Upgrade Furniture

Now that your house is all cleaned and freshened up, you can think about upgrading your furniture. Shop a new sofa set, bed, table, or chairs, since these are the first few things that instantly revamp your house.

For the coffee tables, consider Decor Company’s The Mystique Tube Set of 2 Coffee Table – Gold and The Umami Coffee Table Set of 2 – Gold (Stainless Steel) whereas for the round side table, you can pick The Rose Gold Sphere Accent Table (Stainless Steel), Brooklyn Two-Tier Oval Accent Table – GOLD, etc.

The beauty of these tables lies in the smooth marble surface and polished rose gold stainless body. In the case of chairs, Allure Modern Dining Chair and French Vintage Upholstered Dining Chair are the latest trends. Upholstered in velvet, these tables are extremely comfortable and luxurious when compared with ordinary wooden or plastic chairs. Theme your rooms and pick the exact furniture pieces that sync with them. 

Place Lights

“Festival of Lights”, this phrase is sufficient enough to help you understand why lights are important. Authentic clay diyas and fairy lights gracing your balcony or front gate are traditionally important. But for your interiors, use antique lampshades and elegant candles.

Go for colorful and bright golden lights because it’s brighter the beautiful. Ivory Floral Charm Decorative Table Lamp, Tunisia Stainless Steel Table Lamp, and Venetian Stainless Steel Lamp With Fabric shade are some of our latest editions for table lamp online while The Bay Area Arc Shaped Floor Lamp and Accent Table and The Crown Royal Floor Lamp – White are the fabulous floor lamp additions.

Slender body, light weightiness, and contemporary designs, these characteristics are rarely found in traditional lamps but at Dekor Company all the lamps whether table or floor, are exemplifying and lavish. Fragrant and scintillating candles will sparkle best when placed in statement candle stand pieces.

Look for Giselle Stainless Steel Candle Stand, The Golden Piped Candle Stand – Big, Sleek Marble Stand Candle Holder Set of 2, and many more such great pieces from our online store. These lamps have been constructed from glass, marble, and ceramic materials and intricately detailed in gold. Their features are sharp and sparkle even more under the charm of candles. Be it a living room, bedroom, hallway, or garden, let no corner escape the goodness of light.

Freshness of Flowers

Fill your house with the fragrance of fresh flowers. Flowers are auspicious and they have their special importance concerning Diwali. Be it the doorway, balcony, pillars, stair railing, or doors, decorate them with garlands of marigold, orchid, and rose. Place a vase with fresh flowers as a centerpiece on the coffee table and side table.

Flowers look super festive and when placed in exclusive vases become even more appealing. If you are confused with what vase to pick, try The Ocean Prism Handblown Glass Decorative Vase – Set of 2, The Autumn Country Jar Handblown Glass Decorative Vase – Pair, and The Grand Canyon Handblown Glass Decorative Vase – Big. These are elegant handblown glass vases that impart graceful yet striking beauty while keeping things minimalistic.


So far 60% of your Diwali preparation is already done. Now, sit with your family members and take suggestions on what all to buy to elevate the beauty of your home this Diwali – Home decoration items online. Dekor Company’s designer decoration items include showpieces and homeware.

Dali-inspired Vibrant Glass Butterfly Decorative Showpiece, The Midnight Sun Table Decoration Showpiece – Small, The Jaipur Royal Elephant Table Decoration Showpiece – Small and Beckon Floral Decorative Showpiece – Pair are some of the showpieces that would go with any setting and match the glam quotient of your expectations.

In terms of homeware, you get many options to choose from like – Vintage Ivory Two Tier Snack Plate, Modern Reindeer Motif Bathroom Accessories, Glace Reindeer Holder Ceramic Snack Bowl, Floral Marble Effect Storage & Decorative Jar – Set of 2, etc. These homeware items, crafted from glass & ceramic, instantly spruce your home up and leave an everlasting impression on guests. Decoratives are a must and when you get the support of professionally designed, your Diwali is going to be exactly how you have always dreamt. 

Create an Accent Wall

When all the interior space is revamped, why leave the walls?  Opt for repainting the entire house and look for wall accents post that. Concentrate on a key wall whether from a living room or the foyer and create an accent wall.

Striking red or orange are traditional Diwali colors where red represents shakti and orange symbolizes positivity, hence will account for great paint colors for the statement wall. Set this wall off with a gold-trimmed mirror, metal wall art, shadowbox, wall clock, or hand painted canvas painting.

For an instance have a look at our premium wall decor collection – The Udaipur Elephant Framed Canvas Print, The Coral of the Sea Metal Wall Art Panel, A Crisp Winter Morning 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting (With Outer Floater Frame), The Tropical Butterfly Kaleidoscope Shadow Box Wall Decoration Piece, The Aries Large Antique Wall Clock. All of them are handpicked items that have been internationally acclaimed by top decor experts. Their magic is incredible and unforgettable. Everyone will stop, stare and admire – well that’s exactly what you desire. 

Your flamboyant Diwali home decor is just one click away. 

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