Incorporating Test Automation Pyramid In Agile Software Development

Incorporating Test Automation Pyramid In Agile Software Development

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The agile declaration principles – collaboration, supportability, reuse, security, quantifiability, and user-centricity – powerfully suggest a shift within the take a look at priority. The agile declaration emphasizes the requirement to scale back time-to-market and improve product quality with the assistance of taking a look at automation. Consequently, groups ought to run tests at the unit, service, and UI levels before emotional a feature to production.

 By all means, agile principles lay the inspiration for continuous delivery and also the DevOps observation. Some of the best QA testing companies incorporate this practice. Moreover, once considering the dynamism of PWAs and mobile apps, taking a look at automation is essential to:

· Swiftly refactoring code

· Testing cross-platform practicality

· Deploying in multiple environments while not manual retesting

· Measuring performance in every setting to stop regressions and meet micro-services standards.

· Detecting bugs early and regularly in an exceeding project cycle (i.e., before manual testing).

· Ensuring a project’s current stability and quality

The use of the take a look at automation pyramid helps deliver the goods all this by effectively leading the automatic take a look at strategy.

While not taking a look at automation, a manual setup can take effort and time which will endanger the project’s progress. One example may well be testing and fixing UI bugs regarding multiple screen sizes.

Looking Forward to Agile Test Automation Pyramid

Agile development uses a take a look at the automation pyramid to enhance overall quality. The pyramid’s three levels (unit, service, and UI) exploit the strengths of taking a look at automation by capturing and accenting key aspects of testing. Additional deeply, an agile assessment pyramid:

Decreases The Chances of Moving Towards an Uneconomical Route

An assessment portfolio’s structure powerfully influences the potency of computer code delivery. As a rule, agile groups perform constant designing, tracking, and review. The take a look at pyramid keeps the take a look at automation strategy in line with the project goals, not permitting the team to lose sight of its progress.

Makes The System For Customer-Driven Contract (CDC) Test 

The ATDD (acceptance test-driven development) and CDC techniques already take into consideration the test pyramid and its levels. As a result, agency tests validate the system’s core functions and facilitate the in-house team decipher what customers expect.

Balances the Effort Levels and The Test Coverage

As mentioned previously, the check pyramid captures the check priorities. This capability is important for agile groups that tend to run off from the project goals and target excessive coverage. Contrarily, it additionally caters to those groups that over-emphasize regression checking or don’t have a test automation strategy. In either case, the check pyramid helps balance machine-driven testing efforts with the project’s priority and associated software risks.

Permits A Broader API Coverage and Test Automation Plan 

As mentioned previously, the take a look at pyramid isn’t a set structure. It will adapt to specific environments. As a result, it permits diversity within the span of machine-controlled tests. Groups will execute unit tests for UI and assert that the appliance works properly. This move decreases the project’s time to plug. Plus, it avoids the value of manual testing in production environments.

Decreases Silos

Agile software package development creates cross-functional groups that perform the project end-to-end. The facility of cross-functional collaboration is extraordinary, notably in the case of check automation. As an example, UI tests facilitate groups collaborating with their QA counterparts. Altogether, various teams will produce a broader check strategy and validate code for cross-functional functions.


In short, the test automation pyramid could be a resource that assists agile groups to produce a profound take a look at strategy. It allows numerous stakeholders to realize management over take a look at automation and track the project’s progress. Some of the best QA testing companies incorporate this practice. 

 Moreover, it encourages consumer-facing testing techniques and reduces the chance of wasting efforts once developing the merchandise. Overall, the pyramid helps establish a foundation for agile testing and also the associated productivity gains.

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