Inexpensive Flooring Ideas for Your Enclosed Carport

Inexpensive Flooring Ideas for Your Enclosed Carport

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Many people who live in urban areas, such as apartments or condos, don’t have access to a garage or driveway. For these individuals and their families, the carport is often the only place for cars and other vehicles to be stored. However, many enclosed carports are left with bare concrete flooring that can be difficult to clean and stain-prone due to oil leaks from cars parked on them. Here are some inexpensive flooring ideas for an enclosed carport that homeowners may want to consider.


Flooring made of tile is one of the most popular options on the market today. It is inexpensive, easy to clean, and looks beautiful with almost any carport design. 

Porcelain tiles are popular among homeowners because they are so versatile. These tiles are available in indoor and outdoor varieties that may be installed directly onto your carport floor.

Porcelain tiles are an excellent option for carports because they may be installed over existing concrete surfaces. Because of the wide variety of tile shapes and textures available on today’s market, homeowners find it easy to create an attractive look that matches their taste and home design. 

Rubber Floor Materials

Another popular option is to install a rubber flooring material over the concrete surface in your carport. Such flooring materials include EZ Flex Rubber Flooring. 

Homeowners should consider purchasing the rubber flooring material with interlocking tiles, which promotes easy installation. In addition, it provides excellent traction for vehicles entering and exiting the carport.

This type of flooring is beneficial for garage-like storage spaces that store heavy items such as work equipment and construction supplies.

Technicians recommend that homeowners with large carports consider covering the entire floor with commercial-grade rubber mats. These are not only easy to clean but also provide an extra layer of insulation against extreme temperatures. In addition, they prevent your vehicle from getting dirty while parked inside. Commercial-grade mats may get wet without causing damage to the carport concrete surface underneath.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing may completely change the look of a carport surface while providing an anti-skid finish. The anti-skid finish is easy to clean. 

Concrete resurfacing is done using either a spray or a roller system. The resurfacing material comes in a wide range of colors. It may be molded to mimic other types of flooring, such as brick or tile.

Concrete Stamp

Another option is to use a concrete stamp. Homeowners may purchase concrete stamps at a local home improvement store. A concrete stamp is applied over the existing flooring with stencils in various patterns of your choice.


A lower budget option than concrete resurfacing, rubber mats, and tiles is painting the existing concrete floor. There are many different options for paints, including epoxy paint. Epoxy provides an incredibly durable finish to the concrete floor. 

Minimal work is necessary during the application of an epoxy coating. The two most important processes carried before an epoxy coating is etching and grinding. Etching provides a proper surface profile for the epoxy to achieve mechanical bonding. Grinding is required if the carport surface has been sealed in the past. 


Flooring made of wood is another option that is becoming increasingly popular in enclosed garages, such as those found on either side of a house with an attached garage. 

The uneven surfaces created when you place wooden boards over concrete provide a secure footing for vehicles.  It also adds an attractive touch of warmth to the look of your carport.

Vinyl Tiles

Weatherproof vinyl tiles are an example of inexpensive flooring ideas that will last for years without requiring additional maintenance. These can be purchased in many different colors and styles.

Weatherproof tiles are easy to install by simply laying them on top of your existing floor. They are especially great for high-traffic areas, such as parking garages and outdoor carports with heavy equipment stored in them.


Carpeting a carport may seem like an absurd idea, but there are several products in the market specifically designed for such places. For example, TuffCarpet is a carpet designed for multipurpose rooms like the garage and carport. It is resistant to car oil leaks, skid marks and can be power-washed.  

Homeowners can easily clean off oil leaks on the multipurpose carpets without leaving stains. The installation process of the carpet is easy because it is installed in the same manner as peel-and-stick tiles. The carpet is appealing and durable. 

A wide range of inexpensive flooring materials for enclosed carports exists. It is important for homeowners to take their time when selecting flooring materials to avoid future inconveniences.