Insightful Tips to Purchase a Computer for Beginners

Insightful Tips to Purchase a Computer for Beginners

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It could be the scene where you are looking to purchase presents for your loved ones. Well, tech items like computers are probable to be amidst the most popular gifts. But there are a myriad of diverse computers out there, meaning that finding the ideal one might be challenging.  And when you have computers for sale at Acer Australia, you should not worry about the budget you have.

Anyhow, to make this journey of buying a computer easy for you, here are some insightful tips for you. Once you follow them, you will not regret your purchase.

Check the Processor

In case you want a computer that loads programs in a flash, finishes tasks almost instantly, and runs smoothly at all given times, then it is recommended to invest in the strongest processors available. The performance of a good processor is determined by its number of cores and even speed, so the bigger the number, the better. Processors having two to four cores will often do for most users. However, in case your tasks include rendering high-definition images, animations, graphics, that of and analysis, then for best results it makes full sense to get a processor having more than four cores.


Well, random Access Memory (RAM) enables your computer to perform multiple types of tasks at once without a hitch. Just like processors, the sum of RAM your computer has is going to determine how fast it will work or when you work on several programs simultaneously. Nowadays, standard computers come with 1-2GB of basic RAM. However, it would be nice to get at least 4GB, or even 8GB, of RAM so that you can easily navigate smoothly between tasks like that of email browsing, Internet surfing, and even working on word processing documents as well as spreadsheets.

Right Hard Drive matters

The bigger the hard drive, the more space you are going to have to store files. In case you plan on using your computer with no type of peripherals, you may wish to choose a computer that gets you the biggest hard drive. But remember that you can always buy an external hard drive to transfer or store files in case your current hard drive is quite running out of space. Another thing that you should definitely consider in a hard drive is its overall spin speed. Modern computers generally have 5400rpm or 7200rpm drives, the latter being more efficient. The more efficient your hard drive disk is spinning; the quicker data may be transferred to and from it.

Evaluate Operating Systems

Choosing an operating system is a crucial decision when it comes to choosing a new computer. You would likely want to stick with an operating system you may already be familiar with, as it can take some time to adapt yourself to a new type of OS. Below are some of the well-known options available on the market:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Ubuntu
  • Linux

Most people will just go for either Windows or that of Mac OS, because the complexity of Linux and Ubuntu simply mean they are not popular among daily users.


So, having all these points in mind, you can buy a computer that you feel is as per your need.

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