Is A Trust Necessary For Estate Planning?

Is A Trust Necessary For Estate Planning?

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Estate planning has become an essential part of our lives. It helps one achieve financial security by successfully and effectively mapping out assets to their choice of beneficiaries. Similarly, one can also use different types of trusts to ensure the safety of their assets in case of their death. 

A San Antonio trusts planning attorney can provide you with significant help throughout finalizing a trust. There are many benefits entitled to drafting a trust. Some of them may be obvious, but these benefits should be known to everyone looking towards securing their estate. 

Why would a trust be necessary for estate planning? 

There are two types of trusts, namely revocable and irrevocable. Both have different advantages. However, any kind of trust could be necessary when one wants to start estate planning. Below are some reasons that indicate the necessity of trust. 


If you fail to list your assets or estate to your family in case of your death, your family might face the inconvenience of probate. It would cost them a great deal of time and money to prove that the ownership of your assets should be transferred to them. Instead, one must create a trust and name the beneficiaries entitled to different assets to avoid probate. 

Special care for minors or children 

Many people who look after estate planning have considered the needs of their children in case of their death. It helps them list out assets and provide financial security for the children or minors in their homes. Estate planning is one of the best ways to look after the children in case of death. It effectively helps the parent draft a trust that entitles minors with different assets and aids. A special needs trust provides complete healthcare and personal care for children. 

Flexibility and security

Drafting and listing trusts is not an entire solution. Sometimes, you may feel the need to modify the beneficiaries or the entitled assets. In such cases, one can easily revoke the trust and change it. Another way to manage assets securely is by adding a trustee. You can appoint an independent trustee that can overlook the situation and provide the best solution for estate planning via a trust. 

Family wealth 

Some people like to preserve their family wealth and belongings without giving them away. Similarly, one can use trusts to protect the family’s wealth and assets. It could be used to avoid transferring assets in case of a divorce or demise. 

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