Issues You’ll Face as a Mom


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Attaining a New Level of Consciousness

In a roundabout way, being a parent enhances your consciousness. See, as a parent, you observe the inception of life through its introduction into this world, and gradually you watch that life as it matures. That life is half you, and half your spouse.

Accordingly, you both see yourselves in that developing baby, and you begin to understand aspects of psychology that can be understood in no other way. These epiphanies can be outlined in words, but they can’t really be described. Mothers, describe exactly how it felt when you were in the middle of giving birth.

Can you really? Could you describe the feeling to yourself, before you were pregnant? Parenthood raises your consciousness and represents a sort of completion arc for the human experience. So if you’re going to be prepared, you have to understand that. Also, there are issues you’re going to encounter that are pretty common. Here are three to think about.

1. The Birth Itself

Your body changes, your mind changes, your emotions change, the birth is painful, and you’re on a roller coaster. But it’s also beautiful and miraculous. Getting through it is going to be a challenge. Finding an OB/GYN you trust can help you know what to expect, and how the pregnancy is progressing. When you’re finally done, you’ll need to recover.

 The Birth Itself

As you recover, there could be postpartum depression. From the time you realize you’re pregnant till the time the child is three or four, things are going to be hectic. Anticipate that.

2. Lactation Challenges

Sometimes you want to nurse, your breasts are engorged, and you either can’t express, or the baby isn’t hungry. Why? Well, there could be any number of reasons; maybe a clogged milk duct. If you’re not sure whether you’re dealing with milk duct clog issues, here’s a link with symptoms of a clogged milk duct that may help. Have resources like this available.

3. Getting Used to a New Social Identity

You don’t commonly see mothers of newborns at nightclubs. It happens, but it’s not the rule, it’s the exception. When you become a mom, it’s kind of like graduating to another grade level. Before, you were a happy-go-lucky high school kid. Have a baby, suddenly you’re in college. This can be a shock to new mothers.

It’s hard figuring out your identity enough to realize you want to bring another life into the world. By the time you realize you now have a new identity, your entire social landscape has transformed. This can cause emotional and psychological reactions.

Being the Best Mom You Can Be

You’re going to have fine victories, and there will be mistakes, but just showing up is half the battle. As a new mom, get used to a new social identity, have resources available for things like lactation challenges, and get proper medical help to assure you have the safest birth you can.

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