Jira Analytics in Software Development- All You Need to Know

Jira Analytics

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JIRA analytics as a project management tool takes care of various tasks and is a complete package used by businesses in the project management sector. The tool was specifically designed to track bugs but today it is used a lot by developers too. In fact, software developers need JIRA software in every stage of the software development cycle. The major tasks that JIRA as a tool takes care of our – bug tracking, project management, and issue tracking. Some major companies today use the JIRA tool for Scrum comprising issue tracking, project management, and software tracking. Click here to learn more

Things you need to know:-

Join team projects:

When using JIRA analytics software in the development process, there are dedicated teams for individual projects. You can use the boards in JIRA to visualize the work in progress. You can easily join your team by clicking on the JIRA home icon and then selecting your team’s name. 

Easily find work in your project:

JIRA has multiple views of work items like the board, the backlog, and the search options. The work items are usually called issues. If you are working across multiple projects then you can simply go to search and see the list of work items across multiple projects. These work items are found in backlog and sprint boards in case of scrum projects. By clicking on the Active sprint you can find your team’s current sprint board. You can also use filters in the board to find the work items assigned to you in the current sprint. This makes work easier and smoother in the software development process. 

Create new work items:

New work items or issues can be easily created using Jira. All you have to do is find the project type. The project type can be team managed project or company managed project. 

Organize your work:

You can also organize your work more efficiently by using JIRA. You can divide your work items into subtasks and even smaller chunks. You can also create an association between two existing work items. You can also add descriptions to the current work items.

JIRA is one of the most efficient project management tools which is quite handy for companies. It was developed by Atlassian in 2002. Companies must invest in issue and project-tracking tools like JIRA to improve the quality of work and their products and deliver these products on time by providing clients with higher satisfaction. 

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