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 A cosmetic surgery is an operation designed to amend or improve a part of the body that the person does not like. The main parts of the body to undergo cosmetic surgery are the face (lifting), thighs, buttocks (liposuction), stomach, breasts, nose and ears, among others. Cosmetic surgery is only aimed at improving an apparent part of the body. Of course, in order to get more information and to define your needs, you have to contact a surgeon in a cosmetic clinic. let me tell you about plastic surgery.

Unlike cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery  involves the remodeling, reconstruction and repair of a part of the body. For example, plastic surgery performed in a cosmetic clinic may be possible in the event of a serious accident or a malformation of the body. In fact, plastic surgery is also called “reconstructive surgery”.

The big difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery is the reason it is used. Cosmetic surgery is only aimed at improving the physical appearance of the body, while plastic surgery is used to repair defects and lesions in the body.

advantages of cosmetic and plastic surgery 

The main reason that a person wants surgery is to improve their appearance. In addition, a client who is not well in his skin or who has low self-esteem can, with cosmetic surgery, help to feel better and regain a feeling of youth, due to the elimination of wrinkles. , among others.

A cosmetic surgery  will improve the appearance of a person, and therefore, the image that it returns in the mirror. Indeed, having surgery in an aesthetic clinic can improve the personal and professional daily life of the person.

Plastic surgery, for its part, has many advantages due to its necessity in the event of serious accidents (disfigurement) or in the case of a malformation. Such an operation will improve the daily life of the operated person and will also help to have a good self-esteem. Whether for a facelift, plastic or cosmetic surgery, there are many reasons to go to a cosmetic clinic . Lifting, rhinoplasty, penis enlargement surgery, hair transplant there are different types of surgery available at Hayatmed Medical Complex. 

How to choose your cosmetic surgeon?

First of all, there is a set of good practices which the surgeon must not deviate from. A practitioner must first of all ascertain the motivations of a patient, in order to be able to judge whether these are “legitimate”, whether the patient is in full possession of her psychological faculties. It is a question, during the first meeting, of taking the time to collect your expectations and your deep motivations. Then, a real dialogue must be established, at the end of which it will eventually be a question of one or more interventions with an estimate. From the moment the principles of the operation are established and the estimate signed, a legal period of 15 days is then mandatory, essential for a more in-depth reflection.The important thing is to contact competent surgeons and to trust organizations, such as hayatmed. com, linked to the order of physicians and which offers a list of approved practitioners.

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How is an act of cosmetic surgery performed?

It rarely happens in music like in the cult series Nip-Tuck which featured two surgeons in Miami! Like any surgical procedure, we first go through the anesthesiologist appointment box, on average one week before. On the big day, we are taken to the operating room of a clinic or hospital. The intervention lasts on average between 30 minutes and 3 hours depending on the act performed.

What are the consequences of cosmetic surgery?

The other side of the coin is that all these operations lead to social eviction of varying lengths. From 10 days for a breast augmentation to 3-4 weeks for a cervico-facial lift. At the end of these periods, the edemas, bruises are absorbed even if one still feels discomfort for 1 to 4 months. Postoperative pain is generally alleviated by taking analgesics, but they persist for a few weeks. The most painful operations? Breast implants placed under the pectoral muscle and buttock implants placed under the buttock muscle.

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