Labor and Liberals pledge huge amounts for donation before upcoming Elections

Labor and liberals parties

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The campaign for Australian elections has reached a new high. There have been amazing declarations made by labor and liberals parties in this regard. The Labor party is making big promises and the latest one is that it will devote 2.5 million AUD to the Indian community of Australia. The Labor Party made this declaration in a press statement.

The funds which are given will be used to construct new offices or upgrading the ones present. This is done in a bid to get more Indians to vote for the Labor party. In the words of  Tony Burke who is from the Labor party sitting in opposition. “The funding is principally for the Indian community but we have left room for partnerships,”.This announcement came in the wake of the declaration made by the Liberal Party as per which they would devote the same amount to constructing a new Community Center in Victoria. Mr. Alan Tudge who made the declaration said thatShould the Morrison government be re-elected we would provide $2.5 million to the Indian community to build an Indian Community Centre right here in Victoria.” Mr. Tudge is the Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population.

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The Indian community living in Australia is quite happy with such declarations. However, they are confused about the declaration of Labor Party which is about devoting the funds to Indian community of Australia because the size of the South Asian community is quite large in Australia.

There is not only a single announcement made by the Liberal party, but it has also announced funding of 0.1 million AUD to the Khalsa Punjabi School situated in Melbourne. The declaration was done by Michael Sukkar. This announcement was done when he had gone to the Sri Guru Nanak SatsangSabha gurudwara.

So, DilpreetKaurJaswal is quite happy with this decision, because he is the principle of the Khalsa Public School.  According to him, the funds would provide a lot of support to the school. He has started a new campus in the region of Hoppers Crossing and hence funds are required accordingly. The funds would be put to constructing a campus in this area containing libraries, classrooms and a new playground for the kids. This kind of dole was necessary because the school’s new campus will have a facility of 100 students. Therefore, he’s feeling lucky to get the dole.

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