Most Important Vendors for Any Wedding in South Yarra


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The moment arrived! You said ‘yes’ and the wedding is afoot. But where to start. Not to worry, from flower delivery South Yarra florists can provide to booking the photographer that will capture every detail, we’ve got the must have list of vendors all brides in Melbourne need.

It goes without saying that you need a ‘where’ for the wedding. But, apart from the venue, as long as you prioritise this list, you’ll have most of the big elements of your wedding SORTED!

The Dressmaker or Seller—and Vendors for Other Attire

Don’t delay in securing a supplier or dress maker. Go for fittings and identify your preferred vendor soon, because after ordering a dress it can take weeks to arrive or complete.

Also start looking for suits, ties and dresses early on. It may take a while to find the fabric and vendors with colours that match your chosen colour palette.

The Florist

Flowers feature everywhere on the wedding day, from buttonholes to table decorations. To ensure it matches your expectations you’ll need to discuss colours and seasonal flowers. Make sure the florist is available on the day to decorate the venue, freeing up your bridal party’s time and energy.

The Photographer…and Videographer Perhaps?

You want the best in the business because once the day comes to an end your photos will be what you have left to revisit the special moments. Book early, because the best photographers are booked well in advance, especially during wedding season.

A videographer is also valuable, but if your budget doesn’t allow this expense, ask the guests to capture moments on their mobile devices. Just make sure they don’t block the photographer’s view.

The Caterer—and Of Course Cake

The guests will remember the food and tasty dishes improve the atmosphere of the day, so look for a quality caterer if the venue doesn’t supply it themselves. Make sure the vendor can provide hot dishes—if relevant for your menu—on time, according to the schedule you have in mind for the reception. Ask about taste testing, so you know what you’re paying for.

Depending on your guest list, ask about catering for special diets, especially if close relatives have food allergies.

A wedding cake is often a focal point of the day, so pay a little more for a creation that looks and tastes great. Find a baker with good reviews that can provide a cake that represents something of your personalities and relationship. For example, pick your favourite flavours or add cake toppers that communicate something about your love story.

The Celebrant

You can’t get married if there’s no one leading the ceremony, so make sure to book a celebrant early on. Keep in contact in weeks leading up to the event to ensure they’ll be there on the day. Remember to discuss everything that’s required for your marriage certificate, such as proof of identity.

If the officiant you use doesn’t know you personally, spend some time with him or her or provide enough information for them. Help them make the ceremony more personal.

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The Makeup and Hair

Everyone—women AND men—need to look their best, especially for the photos that some say can add 10 pounds! A professional hair stylist and makeup artist will know how to highlight each person’s best features, so rather invest in a pro than going the DIY route.

These professionals are busy during wedding season, so book yours early. Also ask about a trial session to see if you agree with the look they want to create for you for the day.

Music for the Day

Your nephew may be an up-and-coming artist, but rather leave the music for your big day with a professional musician, band or DJ. They know how to create the right atmosphere and if there will be dancing they’ll have enough appropriate tracks to keep people moving until late in the evening.

Printing and Paper

These days a lot of communication happens digitally, but to set the tone for your wedding we suggest you stick to traditional paper invitations. Find a printer and a stationer that can supply you with the right colour paper. You may use this resource for more than you initially think:

  • Place cards
  • Thank you notes
  • Save the dates

Additional Vendors to Consider

Not all weddings will necessarily need the vendors below, but scan and see what’s relevant for you:

  • Travelling and transport, whether for the bride simply travelling to the ceremony in a luxury car or the bridal party and guests travelling to a distant location.
  • A jeweller to design and make rings or clean heirlooms before the big day.
  • Opening a gift registry, unless you prefer asking for gifts of money only.
  • A wedding planner can take much of the day’s stress away from you. It’s a wise investment if you don’t have someone in your bridal party who feels comfortable helping to manage the day.


Don’t let your wedding worries become wedding jitters. Simplify your day with checklists—starting with this one—and delegate tasks to your bridal party. On the day, the happy couple should be stress free to enjoy themselves. And if you have quality vendors for all these aspects of the wedding, there will be no reason to worry.

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