Things Which Are Must Do While Your Trip To Adelaide

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Travelling is a very tedious task and requires days of planning before one goes on a trip. This is essential as, without planning, one wouldn’t know where to go or which place to visit in that particular destination. 

Everybody aspires to visit a destination where they have a lot of activities to indulge in. One such example of this is Adelaide. Adelaide is a beautiful city in Australia where there are many things for tourists to explore. Companies like See Adelaide & Beyond help tourists explore all aspects of Adelaide’s city, be it geographical, cultural, art or social aspect of the famous Hahndorf tour. Therefore, the must-do things to do for a tourist in Adelaide are mentioned below.

Must To Do Things On A Trip To Adelaide

Adelaide Parklands

If you ever visit Adelaide, one of the most important places you should make sure to visit is Adelaide Parklands. It is a unique and beautiful place with nature all around, acting as a break from modern civilization. 

Rundle Mall

Another must-visit place in Adelaide is Rundle Mall. It is the main shopping centre in the entire area of Adelaide. It is filled with many interesting things, not just a stop at shopping. There are loads of activities in that area, including musical acts, pop-up displays, various performances, etc., which add to the city’s vibe. The place is, as previously mentioned, filled with great shopping centres and cafes for one to explore. 

Hahndorf Tour

Another must-do place to visit in Adelaide is Hahndorf. Hahndorf Tour is generally a walking tour where the tourists are shown various cultural and historical places important to the history of Australia in the town of Hahndorf. 

Adelaide Botanical Gardens

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are truly beautiful and serve as a break from civilization as the place only consists of a lush area consisting of wetlands, glasshouses, gardens etc., housing the most unique and beautiful flora ever seen by mankind. Even if you are not a plant lover, this place is simply so beautiful that anyone would love to visit it. 

River Torrens

Riding a bike along with the River Torrens is one of Adelaide’s most popular tourist activities. One must simply rent a bike and ride it along the river, where they will pass several city locations like the Adelaide Zoo, Botanic Gardens, etc. 

Adelaide Oval Tour

One of the most interesting and must-do places to visit in Adelaide is The Adelaide Oval. A tour is organised to visit the Adelaide Oval, The Adelaide Oval Tour, which gives the tourists knowledge about the Australian football league and the cricket stadium and its facts. 

Central Market

Another important and hard to miss place to visit is the Central Market. The Central Market is a very lively place where there are cultural representations from all across the globe, especially in Australia. It is the hub of traders as traders worldwide sit there and sell their products. Overall the place is a very lively and beautiful spot. 


Therefore, these were some of the must-do things in Adelaide that various companies like See Adelaide and Beyond offer to show. This company is one such company which organises tours for the tourists to visit famous places like the central market and the Hahndorf Tours.

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