Must-Have Items To Include In Your NBA Gear Collection

NBA Gear Collection

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Basketball enthusiasts around the world know the value of jerseys and caps in their life. Fans of the sport would spend a significant amount of money buying valuable nba gear to include in their collection. Some beginner collectors believe that they need to shell out thousands of dollars for signed jerseys of the most popular basketball heroes to have an impressive jersey selection. However, building a valuable basketball jersey collection also requires you to look for the jerseys and memorabilia from up-and-coming players and local idols. Old jersey editions are also valuable for any nba gear collection. 

If you are planning to build an NBA jersey collection from scratch, here are some of the items that you need to invest in. 

#1: Jersey Owned By Hometown Hero

Every NBA jersey collector must invest in the jersey of the most popular players from their hometown. It will become a very important item in your collection. 

If your home team does not have any certified superstar, you may choose to get the jerseys or other memorabilia from the team’s most popular or controversial player. You can also get the jersey of a young player who has a promising future. It will eventually be worth more in the long run. 

#2: Throwback Jerseys

Throwback jerseys can be considered as one of the most valuable items in any basketball jersey collection. It can easily reach five-digit values, especially if it belongs to an NBA superstar. 

If you happen to have Julius Erving’s Brooklyn Nets jersey from 1975, you will have a surefire money-maker in your collection. But if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on Michael Jordan’s 1984 Chicago Bulls jersey, then you have something priceless in your possession. 

#3: 1990-2000 Era Edition 

NBA jersey collectors would do everything to get the jerseys from players who graced the sport from the early 1990s to the early 2000s, specifically from 1992 to 2003. You will never run out of options when sourcing for jerseys from this era. 

If you have no idea where to begin, you can research the 1997 NBA All-Star Game and select any player who made the teams. The nba gear worn by Detlef Schrempf from the Seattle SuperSonics or Penny Hardaway from Orlando Magic may be worth thousands of bucks at the moment. 

#4: Jerseys Owned By White Players

There are a handful of white guys in the league, but those who made a name for themselves wore jerseys worth more than the average items in a jersey collection. 

The jerseys that belonged to Mike Miller from Memphis Grizzlies and anything worn by Steve Nash and Jason Kidd come with a skyrocketing price tag. 

#5: Wild Card Jerseys 

After owning all the four previously mentioned jerseys, you need a wild card to complete your collection. The fifth one could be anything you like to boost the value of your items. It could be anything from the 1990s throwback options or a collegiate basketball uniform from an NBA legend. 

One of the best options that you may consider is an All-Star jersey. You can also get the highly-coveted Dream Team jerseys used by the NBA legends during their Olympic quests. The value of these jerseys would reach record-highs if the team won the championship. 

Building a basketball jersey collection can be fun and rewarding, especially if you can get hard-to-find items. You only need to ensure that you know how to take care of your collection to boost its value in the long run.

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