Must-Try Activities in Jakarta on Weekends

Must-Try Activities in Jakarta on Weekends

Last Updated on March 30, 2024 by Umer Malik

What things to do in Jakarta, especially on weekends? This is a common question, and it is reasonable, considering Jakarta is one of the busiest cities in Indonesia. In this capital, pollution and traffic jams are things that everyone’s needs to face.

Meanwhile, weekends are precious time to be enjoyed with family. Unfortunately, there are some people who are not able to enjoy the weekend by getting out of Jakarta for a while. In fact, there are some fun things to do in the capital on the weekends. Here are four fun activities to do on weekends in Jakarta

Fun Activities to Do on Weekends in Jakarta

Come to the Ancol Taman Impian

One of the exciting activities is visiting Ancol in North Jakarta. Here there is Putri Duyung Resort which allows anyone to enjoy Bali’s infinity pool, and it is in Jakarta, a moment that is hard to find in other places.

Its location on the beach further strengthens the impression similar to Bali, especially at dusk. Not only the infinity pool bali,here there is also a swimming pool made as if a ship was leaning on the dock.

You can stay here by choosing one of the 131 cottage units that come in various capacities and sizes. Not only variations in terms of size, the inn is also unique and consists of various styles, from Mataram style to Balinese style.

Exercising in CFD

Coming to CFD or Car Free Day can also be a fun option to spend the weekend. Just like the name, it is indeed car-free, so the streets will be empty and actually this can be used for sports or sightseeing. The time usually starts from 06.00 am to 11.00 pm.

Come to Kota Tua (Jakarta Old Town)

Kota Tua Jakarta (Jakarta Old Town), has some instagrammable photo spots that are certainly worth capturing. Among the photo spots are Glodok Chinatown, the National Archives building, Fatahillah Museum, Sion Church, Sunda Kelapa Harbor, VOC Shipyard and many more.

Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu)

This activity is suitable for anyone who wants to freshen up. The Thousand Islands consists of several beautiful islands whose underwater scenery is also beautiful. So, apart from playing on the beach, visitors can also snorkel.

Among the islands that can be visited in the Thousand Islands, islands that have been commercialized and suitable as snorkeling spots are Tidung Island, Sepa Island, Bidadari Island and Pramuka Island. It’s very easy getting there, especially if you rely on a tour agent who offers trips to this island.

Interested? There are many activities here you can try even if you stay in Jakarta on the weekends, right? Or you can also go shopping for household needs in the mall. There is food, goods and entertainment for children too. So, which activity would you choose for this weekend?

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