How can new-age warehouse security solutions contribute to your warehouse performance?

How can new-age warehouse security solutions contribute to your warehouse performance?

Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

With the rapid advancement in the Internet of Things (IoT) and live analytics, security solutions have also seen a drastic change. Warehouse security, in particular, is one sector that has been able to reap the most benefits from these technologies. Throughout this blog, we will see how these security solutions help safeguard your business and contribute to your warehouse’s performance.

Ways in which warehouse security solutions contribute to your warehouse performance:

  • Secured from external threats & hazards: Smart devices, including IP Cameras, glass break sensors, door sensors, vibration sensors, and access control systems, all work together to provide holistic and complete security. These devices monitor the entire facility continuously and are actively alert to any threats that are detected.
  • Monitors internal misconduct & employee performance: These solutions can also be used to monitor misconduct and employee performance rather than having a manager monitor employee activities. This, in turn, frees up time for the manager to focus on more critical aspects of his/her job. How these systems do, this by running live analytics to see whether an employee is at his/her designated spot carrying out their activities or not. Moreover, this also prevents misconduct as employees know their activities are being monitored.
  • Monitor safety standards at loading-unloading areas: Most accidents that occur in warehouses occur during loading and unloading. May it be sprains and strains from improper lifting or handling of cargo or crushing injuries caused by colliding with a forklift or truck, falls from loading docks, or falling stacked materials. Each accident or injury leads to a high cost and downtime. Therefore, this must be prevented as much as possible. A smart warehouse security system can monitor whether guidelines and operating procedures are followed. For example, the system can make sure whether a vehicle is properly docked at the station, whether the storage area is well-lit or not, whether the area is overcrowded or not, etc.
  • Inventory management and quality check: The warehouse security system can also manage inventory for you. This means it can make sure that inventory is stored in the right place properly or not. For example, it can check the temperature of items that need refrigeration and send alerts if this temperature exceeds a certain threshold. Similarly, for hazardous or explosive materials, the system can make sure it is stored away from direct sunlight using LHT sensors. It can also make sure food items are not stored with poisonous items like acids.
  • Keeps virtual records of all items coming in & going out: A warehouse sees a variety of inventory coming in and going out in large quantities daily, and it becomes hard to keep track of each item manually. At the GRN table, RFID sensors or smart cameras can be used to track all the incoming inventory. They can measure even the smallest amounts of discrepancies in inventory flow and prevent any case of pilferage/theft or even just an honest error.
  • Smart analytics to manage energy consumption: Warehouses are often big and use a lot of energy due to the lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, and various machinery present in the facility. Energy monitoring and control systems can be used to monitor energy consumption by various machines. In case a refrigerator is using too much energy, an alert can be sent to get a maintenance check done. This can help drive down energy costs significantly.
  • Cuts down on expenditure: A smart warehouse security system can help bring down expenditures in several ways. With an elaborate security solution, you would require less manual guarding. This will bring down costs directly. It also brings down other indirect costs by reducing threats like thefts, pilferage, fires, etc. It improves efficiency, which would drive down operational costs.
  • Promotes better brand presence: Brand presence is important for a warehouse to create value and attract clients just like any other business. Using a state-of-the-art smart warehouse security system would give your brand a better presence and give an advantage over competitors.
  • Centralizes communication across facilities: A smart warehouse security provides a cloud platform where you can store data from multiple sites together and access any recording remotely at any time. This allows you to monitor multiple sites spread across a wide geography simultaneously.

Cloud surveillance solutions to strengthen warehouse security

The solution to improve security

  • IP cameras & Sensors running live analytics can actively monitor the warehouse facility day and night to detect intrusions, break-ins, vandalism, etc., using smart functions like object detection, intrusion detection, and motion sensing to ensure warehouse security.
  • On-premise and cloud storage of footage: You can opt to go for either cloud video storage for your surveillance system or use a combination of both local and cloud storage as per your need. This improves accessibility to your data as it enables remote access while also reducing the need for data storage management and maintenance.
  • Real-time alerts & notifications: These cameras and sensors are capable of sending alerts and notifications to a central command center the instant they detect an anomaly. This helps reduce reaction time for the authorities and reduces damage and loss. For example, the moment a smoke detector senses a fire, it can send an alert to the command center, where it can use a nearby camera to confirm the threat and immediately alert the fire department.

The solution to improve performance

  • RFID & Barcode scanners: Enables inventory management by tagging every item coming into the warehouse. It helps keep track of all the items in the warehouse. It helps measure even the smallest discrepancies between the incoming and outgoing inventories.
  • Energy consumption patterns & temperature control: IGZY can use energy monitoring and controlling systems to monitor energy consumption by different machinery in the warehouse. For example, it can use temperature sensors to sense the temperature of the room and then switch the air conditioning on and off to maintain a specific level of temperature.
  • Employee monitoring parameters: Live analytics can be used to track employee activity and make sure that each employee is at their designated spot.

The solution to improve ROI

  • A one-time investment in hardware: Smart surveillance solutions require a one-time investment in hardware, with a small annual maintenance charge. This is significantly less than the hefty monthly charge of having manual guards while giving more efficient security cover.
  • Remote repairs & upgrades: Any problems with the equipment can be remotely detected and also repaired, which leads to a lesser probability of device downtime. Updates to existing software can also be made over the air. This reduces the need for technicians to visit each facility each time there needs to be an update made to the system.


The emergence of new-age warehouse security solutions has revolutionized the way businesses operate their warehouses. With the integration of modern technology, businesses can now monitor their warehouses and protect their inventory like never before. In this article, we’ll discuss how these solutions can contribute to your warehouse performance.

  1. Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring is one of the most significant benefits of new-age security solutions. With the integration of IoT sensors and cameras, businesses can keep a watchful eye on their warehouse premises and monitor their inventory in real-time. This ensures better control over the warehouse environment and minimizes the risk of theft, damage, or loss.
  2. Improved inventory management: New-age security solutions allow businesses to track inventory movement and location using RFID technology, GPS tracking, or barcodes. This enables businesses to maintain accurate inventory records and optimize their storage capacity. It also helps them quickly identify discrepancies and locate misplaced items, thus reducing the risk of overstocking or stockouts.
  3. Enhanced safety measures: Security solutions not only protect inventory but also ensure the safety of warehouse personnel. For example, smart access control systems restrict unauthorized entry and prevent accidents in restricted areas. Similarly, fire and smoke detection systems ensure early detection of fires and timely response to prevent loss of life and property.
  4. Cost savings: Investing in new-age security solutions can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. The enhanced security measures minimize the risk of inventory loss or damage, reducing the need for expensive insurance premiums. Furthermore, improved inventory management and optimization of storage capacity can reduce warehouse rental costs and inventory holding costs.


The surveillance industry is growing, with multiple dynamic solutions catering specifically to your business needs to provide the most efficient and effective security for your warehouse. Each part of the solution is designed in such a way that it improves operational efficiency and reduces costs.

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