Top 5 Tips To Choose Reliable Movers and Packers


Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

It is not easy to leave a current living or residential space and settle into a new one. At least not without the help of credible movers and packers. The packing and the unpacking stage alone takes plenty of effort and time. 

So, once you have settled upon the idea of hiring movers to help you seamlessly move to your new place, it is important to invest in someone who knows his job rather than wasting money by hiring an amateur. 

Remember that a move is no cheap event in a homeowner’s life. Hence, you must invest your money wisely after a lot of deliberation. 

Are you in the same boat?  Do not know who to hire and how to begin? Do not worry we have got you covered below. Read our top five exclusive tips that will help you select the right moving company for your next move. 

1. Gauge the credibility of any mover by how they cater to you as a customer upon the first visit

While combing the town in search of credible moving services, it is imperative you look for top-notch customer service, This is something you can assess right on the first visit or meeting. The customer service at a moving company is not like you get on a casual shopping spree for groceries. In this scenario, you are entrusting someone with your belongings and essentials.

Never settle for poor customer service, simply because you are getting a huge discount or the company is falling within your budget.  

2. Are they too overpriced or underpriced? Does the package sound too good to be true? 

There is no better way to assess the credibility, reliability, and authenticity of a moving company other than judging its customer service. But the costs and packages are of equal importance. 

The company may charge you according to the size of the move or the distance that your belongings need to travel to the new destination. Hence, be very upfront when deciding the moving costs with your mover. 

Even if the company is charging you for every kilogram or kilometer, it will eventually add up to a huge bill at the end of the day. It is important to get a proper cost package before you hire the movers St. George Utah.

In an ideal situation, a representative of the company should visit your house before giving you a final number. 

3. Can your mover handle a large-sized move or can only stick to basic residential moves? 

The size of the movie a company is equipped to handle depends on the company itself. Some apartment movers can handle moving an entire office building while others are only trained to handle small apartment-sized moves. 

This also largely depends on the size of moving vehicles the company owns that can range from full-fledged trucks to small moving vans.

You must decide clearly before paying the initial payment on the size and the number of trucks you require. Or you can ask the company how many trips that the truck will make to deliver all your belongings safely to the new place. 

4. Verify the licensing and insurance! 

This goes without saying. But most homeowners make the mistake of hiring a mover without verifying the insurance and the license. A good moving company must present legit and valid proof of insurance and license to every client. 

Insurance helps cover employee medical bills in case of an injury or accident during the move. Why should you pay the medical bill if the company’s worker gets injured? Does not make sense, right? That is right because it indeed doesn’t. 

5. Do your search well in time before the moving day

The best moving tip that anyone can give you is that you must start searching for a mover in town the day you make the first down payment for your new house. 

You must stick to the local companies, and not go beyond your city with someone that operates on a national level. Local movers will give you a cost estimate according to the rates that are ongoing in the city. The big giant moving companies will provide an expensive cost upfront, one you may not be able to afford. 

Also, would you want to hire someone who cannot deliver your furniture on time simply because they are not familiar with your surroundings or even your city? Or would you want to hire a packer who fails to arrive at your home for packing because they are lost on Google Maps? Of course, not. 

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