7 Outrageous Ideas to make Lip Gloss Boxes more Attractive Captivating

7 Outrageous Ideas to make Lip Gloss Boxes more Attractive Captivating

Last Updated on November 26, 2022 by Tayyaba Khan

Previously, the competition among the rival brands was limited to the products only, but now it has expanded to the packaging realm too. If you are still reliant on some simple tactics and strategies to inspire potential clients, you may falter your own business. The custom lip gloss packaging needs to be designed in a way that exhibits creativity that excites the audience at very first sight. Unfortunately, many brands are reluctant to drive certain novel and creative design ideas. Here is a compilation of the seven best design ideas that will help you ace your packaging and make it the centerpiece of attention. 

Be creative with color selection:

This is perhaps the most important part of designing the lip gloss boxes and requires you to study the attachment of your target audience with certain hues. This is because each different hue communicates a certain mood that is perceived differently by different demographics of the target audience. As most of the time, the buyers of the lip glosses are women; it would be wise to employ feminine colors in the box design such as purple, pink, yellow, etc. These hues can also be utilized to indicate the flavor of the lip gloss packed inside the box. While selecting the appropriate hues, you must remember not to employ dull colors. This is because they not only contribute to the hiding of some important information, but the lip gloss packages also lose their charm and worth. 

Make it a see-through:

The customers are now becoming fed up with seeing the surprises inside because they have become rote. They gradually realize that surprise is actually a trick to pull them towards a particular product that might not worth buying. It is for this reason the modern-day clients seem satisfied when there are no surprises inside the box, and everything is crystal clear. Therefore, it would be vital for you to give an effective idea to the buyers about what they are shopping for by adding a see-through feature through your lip gloss boxes. This can be accomplished by cutting a zone of these boxes with the help of a cutter and substituting it with a transparent PVC sheet. 

Never ignore tactile appeal:

There are several ideas for making the custom lip gloss packaging  stand out, but the brands often focus only on the visual appeal. Where the brands are giving the sole importance to the visual expressiveness of the box, you can stand out by giving your box a textured surface that provides a tactile feel to the people. You can explore several options in this regard, such as the embossing and debossing of the printing on the packaging surface. Other options of textured surface include the coating of lip gloss packages with the raised UV coatings and soft-touch coatings. 

Incorporate minimalistic designs:

A typical mistake that often gets repeated by a lot of brands is overdoing the design of the lip gloss packages. The inclusion of excessive information in the form of text, blurry images, and typefaces that are hard to read, etc., makes the design of these boxes look cluttered. Restrain from printing your boxes with too much visual noise in order to avoid the clutter in design. Decide on what is essential, and print it on the box. If there are some more things that you think cannot be missed, you can always have the opportunity to print them on some labels. 

Pick up the right packaging shape:

The shape you decide for the custom lip balm packages bears a direct association with the experience of potential clients. If it is generic, your brand will be viewed as non-professional; however, an unusual or distinctive shape will provide you with a competitive edge over others. The unconventional shapes are trending in the cosmetic market these days so, designing your packages in a hexagonal, octagonal, or pyramidal shape is a sure way to leave the customers enticed and cast a maximum impact. 

Highlight the green factor:

In a world that is full of customers’ concerns towards the wellbeing of our planet, aiming for an eco-friendly design while producing lip gloss packages can set you apart in the competitive market. The eco-friendliness of the packaging ensures the customers that your brand is doing its bit to save the environment from getting polluted, and as a result, they turn loyal to you. For making an eco-friendly design, you must consider the selection of the materials wisely as natural materials like cardboard and Kraft paper are a safer option for the environment. Other than that, you need to employ soy and vegetable-based inks while printing the designs on the lip gloss packages as they do not release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. 

Exclusive font selection:

The font is an important consideration that must be taken into account when thinking about designing lip gloss packages that have maximum visual appeal. The display fonts are usually bolder and larger, so they should be used only when you are writing a heading. The mono typefaces and handwritten fonts are usually not the best since they put a halt to the legibility of the printed text. The typefaces like sans-serif, slab-serif, etc., tend to be more legible since they are not too closely packed together. The custom lip gloss packaging with some attractive designs grabs the heed of more clients than ordinary plain boxes that have been used for ages for no benefit. Do not be afraid to explore and try some unique designs since they can serve as a potential competitor.

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