How to Remove Your Personal Information From People-Search Websites

How to Remove Your Personal Information From People-Search Websites

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If you’ve ever used a people search engine to look up your profile, you might be surprised at how much personal information comes up. People-search websites may have considerably more information than what appears on the initial page of your search engine results. These sites mine public records, commercial sources, and social media for a staggering quantity of information on people. It may contain previous and current residences, any criminal histories or bankruptcies, and even the whereabouts of your family.

People-search websites are only one segment of the data broker sector, which also includes businesses that create dossiers on individuals to assist targeted marketing and companies that authenticate people’s identities to identify fraud.

People-search websites, on the other hand, pose unique dangers. They make it easy for strangers or harassers to pay you unwelcome visits or phone calls. They have the potential to assist identity theft. They may also expose sensitive information to potential employers or others that you would wish to remain hidden. On the other hand, these find people for free websites often help to get check the person they going to hire has no criminal background (for their employee security). If your information is not sensitive then you do not need to remove your information to such websites because in long run it is beneficial for you if have a good image on such websites.

The Do-It-Yourself Method

It takes time to remove your data from these sites. Some possibilities for paying a service to take handle of it for you are described below. To get started, you may go through an alphabetical list of more than 50 data search websites. If you’re short on time, you might want to start with BeenVerified, FamilyTreeNow, Instant Checkmate, Intelius, MyLife, PeekYou, PeopleFinders, Pipl, and many other popular websites.

If you want to look through several data broker sites listed, make sure to set aside a significant chunk of time, prepare some snacks, and listen to some music because this process takes time. Keep records of how far you’ve progressed in case you need to take a break. Ironically, it is often required to disclose personal information to data brokers in order for them to erase your data. Before contributing any information to help delete it, we recommend checking to verify if the site has your details listed. As a result, you’re not giving your personal information to shady firms for no reason.

You may pay someone to do that for you.

If all of that sounds like a daunting undertaking, you may pay a firm to delete your information from such sites for you. A number of firms have sprung up to perform the job, and they will continue to do so when the information becomes available.

None of them guarantee that your data will be removed from each and every site, but here’s what they do offer:

• DeleteMe presently wipes your data almost 36 websites in three months for just $129 a year, or $229 for two people.

• Kanary checks over 2,000 sites for personal information and claims a 65% above success rate in eliminating it. Individuals pay $89 per year, while families pay $129.99 per year.

• OneRep presently eliminates your data from 107 sites for $100 per year (or $180 for families), with a more expensive alternative available for circumstances where a person requires information deleted from more sites.

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