Gerry Bertier: A complete guide

Gerry Bertier: A complete guide

Who is Gerry Bertier?

Gerry Bertier was born in Norfolk, Virginia. Bertier attended T. C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, where he played the fullback position on the football team and earned All-State honors his junior and senior years. He coached several wheelchair athletes. As a sophomore quarterback, he led his team to an undefeated regular season while passing for 1,600 yards and rushing for another 400 before being injured just before playoffs.

Bertier’s only loss came during his final year of high school against Paul Dietzel’s South Carolina Gamecocks by a score of 21–17 at Williamsburg, VA. During a late fourth-quarter play near the goal line, the referees made what they deemed to be an incorrect call.

Gerry Bertier: At school

A high school American football player and Paralympian, Gerry Bertier won eight gold medals at the 1980 Summer Olympics.  He played football for Virginia’s state champion team, T. C. Williams High School. He was portrayed in the Disney film Remember the Titans. Livingston was his uncle. His college was Northern Virginia Community College. A car accident left Bertier paralyzed from the waist down after the end of the 1971 season.

Despite this injury, Bertier remained an active athlete. Later he competed in wheelchair sports. It includes wheelchair basketball at Raleigh’s Sir Walter Miler race, wheelchair track events at the Boston Marathon, and swimming. He also coached wheelchair athletes such as Rick Hansen before dying on March 20, 1981, of an infection related to his paralysis just three days after his 28th birthday.

Gerry Bertier death’s Cause

Gerry Bertier, a 1971 graduate of T.C. Williams High School. His paralysis began two years earlier after an automobile accident. He died Tuesday at age 27 of complications stemming from pneumonia. “At birth, he had some problems with his kidneys,” said his mother, Delores “Dee” Livingston Bertier. When he was 8 or 9 months old, he got into this flu epidemic.” The illness caused him to contract polio, which caused paralysis below the waist, she said. “He was a miracle baby,” Bertier’s mother said.

Gerry Bertier was in many ways a lot like his contemporary, Michael J. Fox, who also has been stricken by the same type of illness that took Bertier’s life. Bertier lived an active, albeit truncated, life. After finishing school, he enrolled at George Mason University but did not complete his degree work because his father died. He had to get a job to help support himself and his family, said Dee Bertier.

Gerry Bertier working schedule

He coached several wheelchair athletes, including Rick Hansen, before dying on March 20, 1981, of an infection related to his paralysis just three days after his 28th birthday. “Before this accident, I think Gerry would have been a teacher,” Dee Bertier said. “He loved children so much.” He married Claudia, his wife of five years. He decided to return to school but was suffering from pneumonia and shortness of breath when he went to Inova Fairfax Hospital for a checkup on March 12, she said. He died three days later with his wife at his side.

She recalled how her son once told her that life is what you make it and that you only live once. Dee Bertier noted the irony in her son’s death following an illness related to polio because doctors had diagnosed him as suffering from polio at birth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What actor played Gerry Bertier?

Actor Ryan Hurst portrays Bertier in Disney’s Remember, the Titans.

How will the Titans fare?

The Titans, the school’s football team, went undefeated that season, winning the Virginia AAA State Championship, beating Andrew Lewis High School in Salem by 270 points. The story of the football season during the time of racial tension inspired the film.

The actress who played Coach Boone’s daughter had what name?

The daughter of assistant coach Bill Yoast, Sheryl Yoast, has been an expert on football since she was a child. Hayden Panettiere created a screen presence for Yoast at the age of 10.

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Are Bill Yoast and Herman Boone friends?

Herman Boone portrays by Denzel Washington, and Yoast portrays by William Patton. During his Friday speech, Coach Boone spoke of his friend and former colleague. Though they were different day and night, they learned to trust each other, and Yoast became their best friend.

Why was Yoast denied entry to the Hall of Fame?

Mister Hall of Fame Coach Yoast lost his job as head coach to Herman Boone. Boone offered Yoast his job as an assistant coach, but Yoast turned it down.

Which team captain was in Remember the Titans?

Julius Campbell, the Williams captain pictured in Remember, the Titans, dies at age 65.


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