How Many Submariners Does Rolex Make A Year?


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Figures don’t lie, right?

For many years now, it’s been almost impossible to get information about how many Rolex Submariner watches or any other Rolex timepiece brands are produced every year. However, in an open world like the one that we live in today, there are other ways that we can find out about the average production of different brands of watches.

Remember that all brands of watches that are produced by Rolex are certified chronometers. In essence, this means that they go through very intense and stringent tests carried out by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institut  (COSC).

However, in 2016, this certification body received a request from the watch manufacturers not to publish the figures because they believed this would help to protect their brands. It’s in the 2015 financial year that the official production figures were published for the last time. By looking at the number of watches that COSC tested from Rolex, we would be able to tell how many watches Rolex produced.  For now, our quest to know how many Rolex Submariners are produced annually ends there. 

From the available data, Rolex made 795,716 premium watches in  2015, and this is more than five years ago, things must have changed. Numbers that are thrown around now are mere speculations or estimates, and may not represent the truth. However, there is a consensus that Rolex makes between 800,000 to 1,000,000 watches every year, but again, there is no official confirmation about these figures. Also, these pricey watches have serial numbers, and if we could know the starting and the ending numbers in the right order, the exact number of timepieces that are produced would be known easily. Since this information is not available, it can be hard to get the figures, leaving everything to speculation.


Rolex Submariner, together with other watches that roles manufacture are wonderful handpieces that everyone desires to have. They look great, have heavenly features, and are durable.  Besides the high price, there is nothing that makes a person more proud than owning this amazing piece. However, regarding how many watches under the Rolex brand are produced every year, this can be a complicated question because the figures that could help us estimate the numbers accurately are not available. Some years back, we could use the number of watches that were certified by COSC, but these figures are no longer being published. The last time that they published these figures was way back in 2015.

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