The Philippines – A Preferred Call Center Customer Service Destination

The Philippines - A Preferred Call Center Customer Service Destination

Last Updated on March 23, 2024 by Saira Farman

Despite the current pandemic, the future of the BPO industry is promising. The call center industry will maintain a double-digit growth rate in the coming years. Among all Asian nations, the Philippines is the most popular outsourcing destination. The popularity has helped several organizations establish their call center customer service operations across the Philippines. It boasts of a dedicated workforce with remarkable linguistic skills. Filipinos have a hard-working nature to help companies operate offshore outsourcing without hassles.

Geographical advantage

The Philippines is in a strategic time zone to help companies from the US and Europe ensure seamless customer service availability during after hours. The country is also well-connected with the major cities in the US, like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, to name a few.

Supportive infrastructure

BPO services and offshore outsourcing are the principal growth drivers of the economy in the Philippines. Call Centers in the Philippines offer state-of-the-art training and education infrastructure through several institutes. It is to make sure that the companies can appoint service agents in many categories, such as information technology, insurance, telecom, travel, automobiles, and so forth. 

There are several mega township projects in major cities of the Philippines. You can choose from a large gamut of office properties to set up the customer service call center. The projects support employees and offices with a large gamut of facilities and technologies for seamless communication.

Support of the Local Government

Thanks to the flourishing BPO industry, the Philippines generates an impressive annual income of over $25 billion annually. It is possible because of the Government’s tax sops and encouraging policies to help new companies access the latest call center technologies, office spaces, permissions, and a vast talent pool of highly employable graduates. The Government of the Philippines offers a broad spectrum of services and infrastructure to enable overseas companies to set up their outsourcing ventures.  

Language and ease of communication

Thanks to the remarkable influence of Western culture, Filipinos have the natural intellect to speak in an American accent. It helps smooth communication and excellent customer feedback. Customers are more comfortable during the calls because of the superior language skills of Filipinos.

The Philippines was under US rule for several decades. It has helped bring the two cultures closer, and many Filipinos follow western lifestyles, including food habits, fashions, and sports. They are more at ease while communicating with Americans than call center agents from other countries.

 The go-to destination for call center outsourcing

Most companies from the US and other western countries are increasingly focusing on the Philippines for offshore outsourcing. Leading outsourcing consultants like Alliance Global Solutions offer a wide array of consultation and other services to make the process quick and easy.

Whether you are looking for experienced call center executives or fresh graduates, you can access an economical and technically superior option with a steady supply of a talented workforce. The average cost saving can be as high as seventy percent if you choose the Philippines outsourcing as your call center destination by partnering with a reputed advisory. Alliance Global Solutions help companies mitigate costs and enhance production by providing industry-leading BPO and call center services in the Philippines.

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