5 Common Phone Charging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Phone Charging Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
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Are you wondering if you’re charging your drained phone battery properly?

The rapid growth of smartphone ownership means most users will demand longer-lasting batteries. After all, mobile phones are not exclusively for communication anymore.

Did you know that maximizing battery power also depends on avoiding crucial phone charging mistakes? Read on for five common errors and how to avoid them.

1. Using the Phone While Charging

One of the most common phone charging mistakes is using the device while charging. Some charge their phones while watching videos, browsing Facebook, or playing mobile games.

Doing this prompts the processor to generate more heat. In turn, it adds more on top of what the charger generates. Excess heat will eventually shorten the battery’s life.

Instead, leave your phone alone when charging. Do other tasks without involving your smartphone.

2. Using a Faulty Charger

Another mistake to avoid is using faulty chargers. Using certified chargers is good until their performance starts to dip. 

Sticking to faulty chargers can lead to an uneven voltage supply that damages the battery and the phone. They can also lead to overheating and reduce phone charging capacity.

Be sure to use certified charges that match your phone’s requirements. Check for any damages to the cord and replace it ASAP. 

With various types of phone chargers, there’s a risk of buying a faulty one. Check out https://www.customusb.com/ for high-quality chargers for smartphones and other mobile devices.

3. Waiting for 0% Charge

Some users want to get the most out of their device by running the battery empty before charging. Letting the charge hit 0% before charging can weaken the phone battery. Charging to 100% can also harm your device.

Monitor the battery level while charging. Unplug the charger once the battery hits 80% to 85%. It’s enough power for your phone to deliver efficient performance.

4. Leaving the Phone Under a Pillow

It’s common for people to charge their phones overnight. The problem is when you leave your phone under a pillow while charging. It restricts your phone’s ventilation and causes overheating while charging.

Cases of mobile phones exploding under pillows are nothing new. They can cause fire or electrocution, leading to injuries or death.

Charge your device at least three feet away from your bed. Place it over a table without any obstructions.

5. Using Unknown Battery Apps

The internet is full of battery apps claiming to boost battery life. They also help track your battery’s performance. Some of them are legit, while others can cause harm to your device.

Be careful when downloading these battery apps. Check the developer’s name and avoid unknown sources.

Avoid Phone Charging Mistakes Today

Avoiding these common phone charging mistakes will extend your device’s battery life. You’ll also ensure the safety of your device during charging.

However, maintaining your phone involves other components. Go beyond these phone charging tips by learning more ways to preserve your phone.

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