Pre and Post Mobile App Launch Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Pre and Post Mobile App Launch Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Last Updated on October 12, 2021 by azamqasim

Mobile applications have become an important source of income and traffic generation methods for many businesses and organizations. The number of businesses spending on mobile application Ads has increased, and most businesses now prefer having their own mobile app apart from a web application.

It is very important for businesses to know that mobile applications are equally significant as web applications. The benefits of a mobile app for a business are uncountable and immeasurable. For getting the required results and benefits from a mobile application, they must be launched correctly without any problems.

Keep reading this article to know what are the common mistakes that occur during the launch of a mobile application.

Top 3 Mobile App Pre-Launch Mistakes

Before launching your applications, there are possibilities that your application has certain mistakes and problems in them. It is important to identify these mistakes so that the user does not point out your mistakes later.

Below are the mistakes that are made before the launch of the application.

No beta testing

Testing the developed application is an important activity of any development sector. You have to test your developed application at every stage. While you also have to test the finalized application before launching it. Beta testing is one of the important tests conducted at the last stages of the development to see if there are any errors. Not conducting this test will provide users with error-filled mobile applications, which will increase the uninstallation rates. 

Not conducting pre-launch marketing

The success of a mobile application is only possible when it is downloaded, installed, and used by a huge audience and users. For ensuring higher download and installation rates, you must conduct a pre-launch marketing campaign. You can also distribute your application to different mobile app distribution platforms for higher outreach. In such a way, you will be able to introduce your application to your target audience and provide them the benefits of using your application.

App store optimization

As we pay much attention to the optimization of a website, it is also important to pay much attention to the optimization of your mobile applications. You need to make sure that your app is displayed on top of the app store for the users. When it is optimized on the app store, its installation rates will automatically increase. Not paying much attention to this factor will fail you to achieve the benefits of having a mobile application.

Top 3 Mobile App Post-Launch Mistakes

Your job is not done once you have launched your application. There are possibilities that you will face more difficulties and problems after launching your application. This might happen when you have not paid much attention to the pre-launch activities. Following are some of the post-launch mistakes you should avoid making.

Forgetting the updates

It is important to increase the installation rates of your application after they are deployed. Not only in the beginning but also over time, the download rates must increase. You can only achieve this objective when you keep updating and improving your application. Not coping with the trends will not help you increase the number of users for your mobile application. Make sure you are incorporating all the necessary updates to your previously developed and launched applications.

Neglecting security 

The uninstallation rates of a mobile application increases when the user feels their security is at risk. Your user will not compromise on the security of their personal information and data; after you have deployed the application, you must ensure these applications are safe to use. Keep adding security updates to your applications to keep them safe from hackers and intruders searching for your user’s information.

Forgetting to fix bugs post-launch

It is possible that you may have missed any problems and issues in the beta testing phase. But once you have noticed any malfunction and failure in your application, make sure you fix it before it causes serious problems. Not fixing these problems and bugs will leave a bad impression on your user’s minds, and you will end up losing their trust. Make sure you are fixing the problems and bugs as soon as they are identified. It must be your objective to develop error-free applications in the first place, and even if there are errors, fix them on time. You can hire a mobile application development company in Dubai to develop optimized and highly responsive applications.

Make sure your app launch is successful!

Pay much attention and consideration to both the pre- and post-launch phases of your mobile application. Launching your applications with errors and bugs will bring no change and benefit to your business. For managing to develop and launch error-free applications, ask for the services of professionals and experts in this field.

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