How To Prepare For A Product Management Interview?

Product Management Interview

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An interview is an important part of any job interview and you have to be prepared for it. If you are a professional product designer or just started with your career and want to switch to a better place then you will only be hired after a brief interview. There could be a variety of questions that an interviewer could ask you. You have to be ready with any type of questions and need to frame an answer so they could recruit you to their company. How can you prepare yourself for a product management interview? What things can go wrong while interviewing and how you can deal with them all? We will discuss some tips on how you should be prepared for it. Every company has its senior technical recruiter for technical-based questions, click here to know more. There are different rounds and questions.

Tips to Prepare for a Product Management Interview

Product Management interviews could last for 5-8 weeks depending on the company. Since the date of your application, you will receive a call for your interview. The first two meetings could be by phone and for the rest, you will be asked to visit their company’s headquarters.  

Understanding The Interview Process

Before you go for an interview you first need to understand their process. Every company may have different ways of interviewing but few things are common. You need to understand what’s the role for you, what things a company is looking for while recruiting someone. Are they looking for experienced workers or freshers who can also apply? How are they going to conduct the interview process? How much time do you have for preparing for the interview? As you make sure about everything about the interview process you will be more confident.  

Types Of Questions

Basically, for a PM interview questions would be asked from 5 different question types. Strategy, Design, Technical, Analysis, Behaviour. Every company has its way of framing questions. The percentage of each question could be different from others. To know and understand these questions you must get some books for a PM interview that will consist of sample questions for a PM interview or you can contact someone who has already been working as a product manager in some company. You can ask them about the whole interview process and types of questions, they ask you. Online study materials are also available.  


Networking is a great way to connect with people easily with the same interest. If you know someone who is already doing product managing or has applied for a job in a company, you should connect them. Ask your friends if they know anyone who is doing product managing and could help you prepare for your job interview. You can get familiar with the interviewing process and what kind of questions may be asked of you during the interview. If you are experienced you still need to prepare for your interview but if you are a fresher and don’t know much about product management then try connecting with people who can help you out. 

Prepare Your Answers

You will find many questions related to Product management on various books or online. Finding questions is not hard but how you are going to frame your questions is important. You need to prepare your answers very carefully. Keep it simple and short. You need to satisfy the recruiter with your answer so they can hire you for their company. You can find questions and answers from books and even websites that pay attention to the type of answers. You can either create your answers or take some hints from the answer to make your own answer.  

Do Research

Research is everything when you are preparing yourself for a job interview. Everyone has something to give, don’t just give all your knowledge in an interview, keep some for later. A job recruiter will ask you various questions. You have to be kind, extra prepared but don’t just go on sharing all the information. A company knows if you are the right candidate for your company not by just interviewing. You have to do some research about the company, their past and present and what their plans are for their company. This will help you a lot with your interview as you will know what the company is looking for in a candidate.


Last but not least you should keep practicing for your interview. Read books and guides, read different questions asked from any senior or experienced PM who can help you. You have to be prepared with your interview as much as you can. Remember to keep your interview like a conversation. You can also ask some questions if you have doubts or want to know about the company. For that, you have to first read and know about the company past and present. Know everything you need to know before going for the interview. Be confident as some companies might reject you but you can always try and will get selected in one company.


Senior executive recruitment agencies like alliance recruitment agency will hire an experienced candidate for their company. So, you don’t want to miss anything during the interview process. After every interview, you also need to give feedback about the interview and what you like and didn’t like about the whole process. If you felt like you didn’t like something or it can be improved, just give your honest opinion to the interviewer. Continue focusing on your job interview and improve your skills and ideas before you go for the interview. Knowledge is important for an interview. You cannot just go with half knowledge and expect the company to hire you. So, be prepared and be confident.

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