Prerequisites for building a career in Data Science

Career in Data Science

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Learning data science can be a scary thing for those who are just beginning their career in Data Science. Data Science has been booming in the modern tech industry. A person will have innumerable questions in their mind before they build their career in data science.

Data Science is considered as one of the attractive career opportunities. According to a survey, it is currently a $38 billion market and is believed to reach $140 billion in the year 2025. The expertise and exposure in data science will help the beginners to build better skills in solving real-world business problems.

Job role of a data scientist

The job role of a data scientist involves the following tasks on a day-to-day basis irrespective of the industry a person works in:

  • Getting patterns and trends in datasets for unrevealing insights
  • Developing algorithms and data models to foresee results
  • Using the numerous Machine Learning (ML) methods to improve quality of data or product offerings
  • Communicate recommendations to other teams and senior members
  • Deploy data tools, such as the following Python, R, SAS, or SQL in data analysis
  • Stay ahead in terms of innovations in the field of data science

Essentialities that are needed to be a data scientist

To build an appealing career in data science a person should enhance their skills. There are many online data science programsthat offer deep insights to every individual to be a professional data scientist. Knowledge on the following will help a person in many ways:

Prioritize the skills depending on the applied job role

The interviewer will offer a certain kind of criteria before recruiting a person. It will be a huge benefit if a person shapes their CV depending on the job role, which they have applied for. For example, the job description states that a person should possess skills in Python and ML. But you possess the knowledge of Python and deep learning. And, you mention all the details and projects, which you have done in Python and deep learning. And miss out on the ML details and projects. This might result in you losing the chance on the applied job. So, mention that you have knowledge on Python and ML and also good practical exposure on deep learning. Try to learn it in the meanwhile at least the basics.

Showcase all the data science related projects

Having practical knowledge will always dominate theoretical knowledge. Stating clearly about all the data science-related projects, which a person has worked on and the skills you they have attained will make the interviewer feel impressed and chances of getting a job will be more.

Mention the GitHub profile

It is has become quite essential to have a profile in GitHub for those who want to take up a job in the area of data science. The profile in GitHub will be useful for the interviewer to check the projects that a person has worked on. They will also feel more reliable about the skills one possesses; it is a quick and simple way to impress the interviewer and to grab the job.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a data scientist is $108,224 per annum and the salaries range from $79,000 to $145,000 based on the knowledge and expertise one possess.

If a person does any online data science certification then there are very high chances of getting into an appealing career.

Importance of online data science certification

As there is a boom in data science several are looking for multiple career opportunities, one among them is, doing an online data science certification. There are many institutes that offer certification programs, which will enrich every person’s skills with the latest industry exposure and advanced quality projects so that they can stand apart from the crowd.

Many institutes offer online data science programs, which will ensure to give only the best for every individual, which is needed to be a highly valuable professional. Few of the institutes that offer the best certification programs in data science are:

  • DASCA (Data Science Council of America)
  • Coursera


In the current job market, the requirement for expert data scientist has increased immensely. It is essential to follow the right steps so that a person can get exponential growth.

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