Professional Immigration Lawyers in Dubai

    Professional Immigration Lawyers in Dubai
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    Professional Immigration Lawyers in Dubai are extremely talented and dedicated to their work all around the United Arab Emirates. They have years of experience and expertise by their side to assist a variety of different people across the continents who come to United Arab Emirates for work, job, and business. A professional lawyer takes up a systematic approach following the local and regional knowledge and resources to facilitate the clients. They take up the result-oriented approach to work with various clients who gathered in United Arab Emirates for work.

    These top immigration lawyers in dubai, have massive knowledge about the industry and are also fully aware of the legal procedures. Immigration lawyers take up a professional yet the most unique way to project the case. The intention remains to meet the specific specifications of every client. They also form up tailor-made solutions for their all clients to offer them maximum client satisfaction. Nowadays they are also helping people in getting Dubai Golden VISA. These immigration lawyers in dubai are considered the top lawyers for getting golden VISA in other Emirates too.

    Dubai Immigration Lawyers are highly professional and prolific and can communicate in different languages including Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, and other languages. This facilitates the clients in every possible manner as many people are unable to communicate in Arabic or English. On the other hand, professional lawyers take up a pragmatic approach to informing the clients at every stage. Therefore, they remain in touch with the clients. For it, they may use different sources of communication including the phone, texts, messages, direct mails, online meetings, one-on-one meetings, and much more. They also facilitate the immigration procedure which is highly complex for a layman who has little knowledge about the UAE Legal system. 

    They have the exceptional managing skills to carry out the complicated legal process in an amicable manner.  Their strong communication and commitment toward immigration matters make the complex procedure much simpler for the client.  A lot of challenges and threats associated with immigration are best solved with feasible advice and lucrative solutions that are practical. Immigration Cases like ban removal, travel ban, drug detained person etc. There are many things which can be 

    Furthermore, they also take up the legal paperwork along with the documentation which is needed from the legal expert. Professional lawyers understand the objectives and thus, think out of the box to suggest creative and innovative solutions to their clients. They also make sure not to miss any information and useful things therefore, paperwork is conducted thoroughly.  

    Labour and Employment Lawyers in UAE & Arbitrary Dismissal 

    Any of the parties can choose to terminate the employment contract or agreement. This must be provided with the prior notice period and thus, complies with the legal consequences of the termination. Under this scenario, either party can choose to end the contract without any prior notice period which is regarded as arbitrary dismissal.

    Arbitrary Dismissal refers to the term under which the employer terminates the employee for filing a complaint to MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization) or filing a lawsuit against the employer. If the validity is proven that an employee is terminated for filing against the employee, such type of termination is called Arbitrary Dismissal which is termed illegal in UAE. If an employee filed a legitimate complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization against the employer this is illegal following the UAE legislation. There are many instances under which the employment contract can be terminated which are discussed in detail under Article 43 of the Federal Decree-law No. 33 of 2021 under the applicable UAE laws and regulations. Some of the instances are discussed below:

    If the term of the contract has expired or is not renewed or extended much. Moreover, if the employee and the employer both mutually have agreed in writing to end the employment contract with consent from both parties. If any of the parties desire to finish it and have also observed the provisions of the termination of the employment contract along with notice time is also agreed upon.

    In case the employer died, the subject of the contract is directly related to the entity.  On the other hand, in case of an employee’s death or God forbid the worker faced a permanent disability to perform the work based on the medical certificate provided by a medical institution.

    The worker may get the judgment of a freedom-restricting penalty of over three months time period or less than that. This may happen if the business or entity gets permanently shut down as per the UAE legislation. Arbitrary termination is considered legitimate if the written notification is sent to the other party involved or the terminating party has served 30 days to 90 days with the employer.

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