Protected EBL RCR123A Rechargeable Battery Review

Protected EBL RCR123A Rechargeable Battery Review
EBL RCR123A Rechargeable battery

Last Updated on August 1, 2022 by rida

EBL is an established and certified rechargeable battery and charger brand people go to for their electronic devices, since its inception in 1998. Rechargeable means ‘resource conservation’ but without any compromise on the product performance. For more than two-decades EBL batteries have powered advanced technology devices. The manufacturers have always ensured to correspond well with the up-to-date emerging tech EBL RCR123A Rechargeable battery.

Electronics are changing frequently and in this digitalized era people are becoming more dependent on their electronics. EBL was launched with a mission to deliver reliable and premium quality batteries. It is consistently making efforts to stay aligned with the persistently changing energy requirements. 

EBL has played a huge role in the environmental movement. Rechargeable batteries manufacturing consumes approximately 23% less non-renewable natural resources. Rechargeable batteries mean recharging them again and again rather than throwing them away, thus reducing the noxious waste. Customers need to use EBL products sustainably and safely!

The EBL RCR123A Rechargeable battery is manufactured using Li-ion high-density cell technology. It is capable to offer devices sufficient power and lasts longer in comparison to their sizes. 

The 16340 battery is a cylindrical li-ion cell with dimensions 34mm x 16mm. It has a 3.7V, button top terminal as well as uses Lithium Carbon-Oxide [LiCoO2] chemistry. Its capacity is 750mAh. The output of 3.7V is consistent for high drain electronics and devices like cameras, LEDs flashlights, etc. Even at low temperatures, the capacity is high. It means the device, will be working great despite the cold climate. 

For safety, EBL has inbuilt a protection circuit, which ensures the batteries will never over-discharge or overheat. The batteries are free from liquid electrolyte leakage, thus protecting the device and users from harm.

The EBL RCR123A Rechargeable battery is available in packs of sizes – 4, 8, and 16. The package weighs 3.00 oz., 6.46 oz., and 12.59 oz. accordingly. 

The EBL BRC 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries with dimensions 18mm x 65mm. It has a voltage of 3.7V and is suitable to be used in laptops, flashlights, and electronics for their long-run time reliability and ability to recharge several hundreds of times. EBL has designed it to generate 3000 mAh – high voltage output and current to fulfill portable devices’ power demands. 

The EBL BRC 18650 batteries are sleek but are jammed with power and suitable for power-hungry electronics, which need consistent high-level voltage to operate. The battery even has high discharge depth, which means the battery can be used till 0% and then recharged fully. Nevertheless, this is not advised because over time this can damage battery performance. 

EBL has ensured that its products offer fast charging to save time and extend the battery life. However, charge the battery fully before using them for the first time. The voltage and outputs differ from one country to another, so check for compatibility before ordering. 

EBL offers one year warranty for issues related to quality. The warranty excludes improper installation, misuse damage, negligence, mistaken product purchase, etc. Before you order products from their website, read the shipping and return policies!