Some interesting things about night vision devices 

Some interesting things about night vision devices 

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Night vision devices are a whole class of optoelectronic equipment. They help to see the terrain, object, target in low light conditions. Recently, scientists have begun to massively improve these devices. And yet, the government of some states has come up with a new application for them. 

A new scope of night vision devices

Each of us knows: night vision devices are used in the army and police. They are indispensable for hunters and guards. But now they were offered to be used even in cinemas. According to representatives of the law, with their help, it will be possible to detect pirates. 

Everyone knows that the use of video and audio recording equipment in cinemas is prohibited. This concept includes smartphones, tablets, and more gadgets. But some visitors do not follow these rules and record films, then put them on the Internet and earn money. By the way, the pirates go further and also take hidden equipment in glasses for drinks, spectacle frames.

Recently, the government approved a $500 reward for those employees who help find such a person. And yet, during the first shows, they decided to use night vision devices.

Reality or game? Innovative night vision devices in the US military

In April last year, the US military began to use a new generation of night vision devices. But what kind of equipment it was until recently, remained a secret. A few weeks ago, pictures of a helicopter through a new night vision device appeared on the Internet. It looks like in a video game. 

The latest development, it turns out, highlights the contours of objects. Soldiers can better navigate the terrain and view objects many times faster, even in complete darkness. 

It is clearly seen that the contours of the helicopter stand out strongly against the background of everything around. This night vision technology was considered a fantastic idea a year ago, and even world scientists considered it only a character in games or films.

We decided to compare a conventional night vision device and the latest development EVNG-B. Innovative glasses display in a picture, allowing you to see additional objects. The technology was developed by L3Harris Technologies. This company is considered a global innovator in the field of aerospace and defense developments. 

Why is the image in night vision devices almost always green?

The image in night vision devices is almost always green. This characteristic is present in the picture for several reasons:

  • device manufacturers experimented with several colors and found that the various hues that make up a monochrome night vision image are most accurately perceived and distinguishable when they are green;
  • the human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other color, which makes it easier to see objects in the image;
  • the human eye is less tired of green than of white or any other color.

By the way, did you know that the first night vision devices were developed in Germany in the middle of 1930? The Soviet army also used similar equipment even before the outbreak of World War II. Devices of «zero generation» were installed on heavy equipment or on optics. The sight consisted of an electron-optical converter and a set of infrared illuminators. Together with the battery, such a system could weigh several tens of kilograms. 

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