Make a Great Date Night Perfect with the Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu Ribeye

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SAN DIEGO, California – Are you trying to wow friends, family, or even a special someone with the perfect entree to kick start a fantastic evening? Look no further, as the Japanese A5 Wagyu offers a distinct culinary experience unlike any other. The Australian Wagyu ribeye, likewise, offers an unforgettable experience that is more decadent and indulgent than any steak experience you ever have had.

While customers of The Meatery, a modern butcher shop run by Nicholas Fiorentino, usually start with Japanese A5 Wagyu steak, they typically prefer the Australian Wagyu ribeye. Having three times the marbling of a USDA Prime, Wagyu ribeye has a higher BMS (beef marble score) than the highest-quality American ribeye. The Meatery is the pick for you if you’ve been searching for “the best Wagyu near me.”

Preparing and Cooking the Wagyu Ribeye

“Sous Vide with a sear finish is our favorite, most predictable method for cooking non-Japanese steak. If you don’t have one, however, we also love Reverse Sear, Cast-Iron with a butter baste or grilled,” The Meatery says. “You may notice we left smoking off here. It is our personal opinion that a high-end steak should be flavorful in and of itself, and we find that smokers add a lot of external flavor to a steak that doesn’t need it. If you choose to smoke it, we simply recommend a neutral wood that won’t overpower the flavor you paid for in the meat. Additionally, an Australian Wagyu Ribeye pairs well with a Shiraz, a Bordeaux, Japanese Whisky, or Club Soda with Lime.”

Over these last two years, built itself a dedicated base of consumers across the United States and Canada that have expressed a great appreciation for A5 Wagyu and the Wagyu ribeye in particular. It is definitely the best Wagyu in San Diego.

Find Out Which Steak You Prefer for Yourself

With many subtle but key differences between the Japanese A5 Wagyu ribeye and the Australian Wagyu ribeye, it’s instantly recognizable which qualities are held between each variety. Australian Wagyu ribeye does not have the deep, and to some intense, flavors of Japanese Wagyu ribeye. Australian Wagyu ribeye offers customers a much more even, deep, and beefy flavor than its Japanese counterpart. However, the Japanese Wagyu Ribeye still offers a wonderful experience that is not to be missed. Regardless of your preference, The Meatery provides the best quality meat available on the market. Certified by the Kobe Beef Association, The Meatery is one of the only certified providers of Wagyu ribeye in the contingent United States.

To try for yourself, visit and order some cuts today.

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