Quickest Way to Sell a Used Car in the UAE 


Last Updated on February 6, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Sell a used car rapidly and can be made possible only if the car sellers are well-informed and prepared for the car-selling process. Some inexperienced car sellers make the mistake of initiating the process without sufficient knowledge and end up bearing a loss. Therefore, it is always best to research before starting the process. This will enable car sellers to take a proactive approach to their car selling. Car sellers can find out the best practices for selling the vehicle quickly and at a fair price. The following details can help how to sell a used car are in UAE as well.  

Checking the Condition of the Vehicle 

Before car sellers can make their vehicles available for purchase, they need to make sure that they are prepared for it. This implies that the car sellers need to check the used car for possible repairs and maintenance efforts. The used car will require some work as every vehicle depreciates with use. The car sellers need to be careful and make sure that the car’s physical and mechanical condition is fine-tuned before it is shown to a buyer. The car sellers are better off by allowing a professional to inspect the vehicle and identify the problems. The car sellers can then follow their advice and get the required work done before meeting buyers. This will ensure that the resale value of the vehicle is improved.

The car sellers can also wash the cars before the meeting so that it is free of any dust or particles that may be accumulated on the surface of the car. A car wash can give it a clean look and make it more presentable for car buyers. The car sellers must make sure that the vehicle is washed. when the exterior is not hot otherwise it will have water spots after the wash. The products used for the car wash should be strictly made for the vehicle as household alternatives can be damaging for the vehicle. 

Car sellers cautions

The car sellers should also pay attention to the car cleaning tools. Make sure that they use separate ones for the exterior and wheels. It is better to wash the wheels first to get rid of all the gunk stuck between the rubber. It does not spread to the rest of the vehicle. When washing the wheels, the car sellers must thoroughly inspect the condition to make sure if they need to be replaced or not.  

The interior can be cleaned using an electrostatic cloth and vacuum cleaner. For surfaces such as car seats, it is best to use a vinyl cleaner instead of washing them. Car seats are not easy to dry and in case there is some water retained by the seat’s cushion. It will lead to molding and a pungent smell inside the cabin. 

Checking the resale price of the used car 

As the car sellers are not experts in the field so they need guidance in selecting the right platform for the car’s price. The car sellers are interested in getting the best price for their vehicles. They must opt for a specialist car buying platform that has an online car valuation tool. This tool provides the car sellers a market price estimate of the vehicles. So, the car seller will submit the basic information such as the mileage and condition of the vehicle and the tool will give an estimate in a few seconds. Knowing the resale price of the vehicle is extremely important for the car sellers. They need to make sure that they do not incur any financial loss by accepting something less. 

Check the Available Platforms for Selling the Vehicle 

The most crucial decision that the car sellers will make during the car selling process is selecting the platform for the vehicle. The car sellers can choose between a specialist car buying company, car dealerships, and classified websites. The car dealerships will only work towards benefiting themselves. They will offer the car sellers a price that is less than the actual market price of the vehicle. The car seller may also have to pay an estimation fee. 

Classified websites leave the entire process up to the car sellers so they need to manage each aspect without any guidance from the platform. The car seller will face problems ensuring safety during the process as anyone can reach out after viewing the ad. Moreover, the pricing can be confusing on the platform and many car sellers may end up comparing prices. This will not ascertain the market price of the vehicles and they may face problems finding a serious buyer. 

With a specialist car buying company, the car sellers get the market price estimate. They can then book an appointment for the physical inspection of their vehicles. The car seller will get the final offer after the inspection. If they accept the offer, they can sign a sales agreement and receive the payment through an electronic bank transfer.

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