Role of e-learning in Government Exam Preparation

Role of e-learning in Government Exam Preparation

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If you are reading this, you, in all certainty live in India. Such is the unique craze for government jobs in our country. Students slog for many years in hopes of getting through a government exam. After all, government jobs do provide a decent salary, job security, perks, and the ever-elusive work-life balance; in short, all the elements of a comfortable and fulfilling life any common man could hope for.

Numerous coaching centers and education-hubs flourishing across the entire nation for many decades are a testament to the perpetual inclination of students towards government jobs. Since the last decade though, there has been an increase in teaching through online classes apps.

The driving factors initially, were the increased monopoly of coaching centers and skyrocketing prices of hostel rent, tiffin services, etc.

for aspirants which made it financially infeasible for most of them to pursue their studies. Students today are also more in touch with technology and prefer to use it whenever they can.

But, it was the pandemic response, that proved to be the final nail in the coffin. Ever since almost all government exam preparation has shifted to online teaching sites. There are several benefits that online classes app provide for government job aspirants-

Consistent and Omni-present-

The biggest plus of using online teaching sites is that anyone can access it at any time from anywhere they want rather than shifting to a new place and attending classes at a fixed time.

Also, consistency and momentum are the cornerstones of preparation, and in these uncertain times students can blindly rely on online classes app to be beside them till the time of examination but the same can not be said about offline classes.

Online teaching sites are especially helpful for aspirants who work part-time or professionals who are on the go and can’t manage time for attending coaching classes. 

Higher quality and quantity of content to choose from-

Students on the online classes app have their pick of courses from many different teachers. Such great variety and flexibility are unheard of, in offline classes, and after paying the fee, you are virtually stuck with a single course unless you decide to forfeit your fee.

Also, online teaching sites provide a good option of review, therefore aspirants get to make a well-informed decision only after perusing through unbiased reviews from many aspirants before them. 

Money, time, and energy efficiency-

Studying on online classes app costs peanuts to attending offline coaching classes. Also, in the case of offline classes, there is the added cost of commuting, accommodation, cleaning & laundry, food, etc.

All these things cost money, time as well as drain your energy, energy which could have been better utilized on studying and refreshing your mind at home. Therefore, students are increasingly opting for online teaching sites in place of offline coaching institutes.  

Personal attention and Exam training-

An increasing number of government and other competitive exams are shifting to computer-based mode and as any aspirant worth his salt will tell you that it is impossible to ace these exams if you don’t have enough exposure to these apps and platforms, no matter how knowledgeable you may be.

In exams, where only 1% of students get selected, sufficient practice of taking computer-based mock tests or lack of it, is a decisive factor that any serious aspirant will not take for granted.

Also, these apps provide feedback and helpful statistics for each student, thereby providing them with personal attention and pointers to work towards, to improve their preparation. 

Continuity in Preparation-

In offline classes, if students miss a class due to unavoidable circumstances, their preparation is affected as it will affect their understanding in the next class. There are generally no recorded lectures for them to go through the material.

But, these sites provide the flexibility of recorded lectures and other helpful features which ensure that the continuity is maintained, and by extension, your grasp on the topic is much better and unaffected by a gap day. 

Therefore, online teaching sites have found huge popularity among government exam aspirants owing to their simplicity, convenience, time and cost efficiency, and overall superiority compared to offline classes.

It also presents a big opportunity for private tutors who want to teach from home as they can use good app for free to teach such government job aspirants from the comfort and safety of their homes.

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