Romantic gifts to surprise your girlfriend

Romantic gifts

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February is just around the corner and the upcoming month of love has already made us feel warm and woozy.

If you’re dating someone, you will obviously want to buy your ladylove something nice to celebrate 14th February. In 2021, Hong Kong had the highest amount of money spent to buy V-day Romantic gifts for that special someone, with each person spending roughly 102 euros.

With such a diverse choice of so many Romantic gifts, what are you planning to give your girlfriend? In case you’re confused, we have some lovely items on this list for you!

1. Bond touch bracelets

If you both are in a long-distance relationship, we know how tough it can be to manage the distance and time differences. Get this pair of bond touch bracelets that cost AUD 155.19 and feel closer to each other than ever.

Whenever one of you touches your bracelet, the other person will feel that no matter where they are. It mimics the natural vibration of your loved one’s touch. It has an amazing battery life of 4 days and can be charged via any USB cable. Find this on Amazon and order it now!

2. Star map

If your girlfriend loves stars or astronomy, you can gift her this star map to make her feel special. This map helps you to mark any significant date, such as her birthday or the day your relationship began.

A picture of the night sky on that particular date will be shown on the map and your girlfriend is sure to burst into tears on seeing this gift. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words but here, this picture is definitely worth a thousand stars!

3. Ariana Grande perfume

Come on, the perfect gift for any woman is a perfume that smells heavenly. The Ariana Grande Cloud eu de perfume spray will surely make your girlfriend feel as classy and stylish as the pop singer. Available on Amazon, this perfume costs about 112 AUD.

It has an alluring blend of lavender blossom, with tones of vanilla orchid and creamy blond woods. The Ariana Grande perfume is the best gift you can give to your honey; she can wear it on your date night or just for a casual workday.

4. Wake up light

Is your girlfriend a late riser? Does she seem to hit the snooze button a million times until she’s 30 minutes late for college or work? Then give her a beautiful wake-up light that acts as an alarm clock too! This lamp gets stimulated by sunlight, so the closer it is to turn off the alarm, the brighter the lamp gets.

This will help your girlfriend wake up with a calm and refreshed mind instead of being cranky due to the screeching of conventional alarm clocks. It comes with amazing features like FM radio, night light, and seven different colors.

5. Serotonin necklace

Sounds crazy, right? But this very serotonin necklace is guaranteed to give your girl good vibes. Serotonin is the body’s natural feel-good hormone. If you want to let her know how much she means to you and how happy she makes you, give her this cute little necklace.

The pendant is in a funky shape of the serotonin molecule. It costs about 19 AUD and is perfect for anyone who loves to live, laugh, and love. This necklace comes in three different colors too- gold, rose gold, and silver.

6. Foot massager

All of us want someone to massage our feet and take care of us after a long day of work. But when that isn’t possible, a foot massager does a pretty decent job. The Nekteck Foot Massager, available, on Amazon, costs 20 AUD.

It comes with a built-in heat function and power cord. It also has cord storage with a handle to make the entire massager easy to carry. So for some shiatsu therapy or relaxing vibes, buy this for her today.

Over to you…

There’s no end to the number of quirky and innovative Valentine’s Day Romantic gifts for your significant other. But this list has some really cool and budget-friendly options for you to try out. Be it a long-distance relationship or a short one, there are gifts here meant for every type of lover.

In order to avoid items going out of stock, buy them now in advance and send them to her. We guarantee you, she’ll be talking about her gift for ages!

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