Rooftop Solar System Installation Guide

Rooftop Solar System Installation Guide
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The world is getting more and more aware of the importance of renewable energy with the rapidly increasing prices of fossil fuels. Electricity is becoming expensive, and people consider solar energy the most reasonable alternative energy source. There are companies like Solar Systems Adelaide, providing customised solar systems to every house in and around Adelaide. They are taking in different factors like the energy needs, budget and long term plans of a family to provide the best solar solution.  

In this article, we will be looking at the different factors that affect the type of solar system a house might need. This article will help homeowners to have an understanding of what to expect before solar panel installation.   

How Many Panels And What Type Of Solar System To Install?

Different houses have different energy needs, and no one solution fits all when it comes to solar systems in Adelaide. Customised solar solutions are what the customer wants, and leading service providers ensure that they provide house specific solutions to everyone. The number of panels required for a house depends on a lot of factors like, 

  1. Daily power usage – Using previous years’ electricity bills, you can get an idea of rough monthly power usage and then divide that equally among the total number of days to know about the daily usage. Depending on the kind of solar panel you choose, they will be able to provide a fixed maximum power. Using that, you can determine how many solar panels you will need to meet your daily energy requirements. 
  1. Roof space availability – Solar panels also cover up a lot of space, and an open area that can receive direct sunlight all the time during the day is crucial. A rooftop or an open yard without any trees is required to set up a solar system. Companies like Bright Earth Solar take measurements of your roof, and then with the type of solar panel chosen in the last point, divide the net area to find how many solar panels they can accommodate. 
  1. Solar panel efficiency – All solar panels are designed so that their efficiency can vary on their build quality and even based on the type of semiconductor used. For this reason, it is essential to choose a proper kind of solar panel. It might be an expensive one, but it will serve its purpose for a long time. Also, with higher efficiency, fewer panels will be required, and there will be significant cost-cutting in that part. 
  1. Budget and long term goals – The budget is a very limiting factor as the solar installation is costly. However, it is guaranteed that there will be significant savings in the long run, but if the customers are planning on moving, a minor solar installation is more suitable. 


From the above points, we learned about the different factors that affect the solar system choice for a domestic household. There are a lot of things to take care of. A little research about the different solar panels models will help you proceed on the right path.

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