Keeping Safe from Florida Mosquitoes on Family Vacations

    Keeping Safe from Florida Mosquitoes on Family Vacations

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    A family vacation to Florida can be great fun, but there are a number of hazards that you will need to consider, and chief among those are mosquitoes. You may have heard that there are no mosquitoes at Disney World, but unfortunately, that is not true for the rest of the state!

    Florida Mosquitoes: An Introduction

    Florida is the home of about 80 species of mosquitoes. The climate of Florida is a large part of why there are so many mosquitoes, as it provides an environment that is ideal for these insects to breed in.

    Most species of mosquito cannot survive at temperatures of less than 50°F. Unfortunately, the average temperatures in Florida are consistently higher than that at all times of the year. In addition to this, Florida is well known for its swamps, which are numerous due to its flat landscape and unusually high rainfall. Warm swampy conditions are ideal for mosquitoes to breed in, and so the population thrives there.

    Wear Longer Clothes That Cover Your Skin

    You might not want to wear much clothing in the hot, humid Florida weather, but unfortunately, this is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from your skin. However, skin-tight garments will make it easier for mosquitoes to bite you through the material, so you should wear loose-fitting clothes.

    Apply Insect Repellent to Your Skin

    Mosquito repellents keep insects away from areas of bare skin. Good quality repellents are important, particularly if you are planning on wearing clothes that leave your skin exposed. Try to find a repellent with the main ingredients of Picaridin or DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide). These are effective ingredients that are not environmentally harmful or risky to your own health.

    As well as mosquitoes, Florida is home to a wide range of other biting insects. So, when choosing a repellent, try to buy one that is also known for being effective against other types of insects.

    When shopping for any mosquito repellent, you should look for one that will not easily come off when you start to sweat or when in contact with water. You will be doing both of these a lot in Florida! 

    Unfortunately, some mosquito repellent options will irritate your skin, eyes, or nose. Your best bet is very likely to be buying one that features Picaridin as the main ingredient, as this is usually less likely to cause irritation than DEET-based repellents.

    Try Essential Oils to Keep Insects Away

    If you would prefer to use a natural product to keep insects such as mosquitoes away, you can buy essential oil made from mosquito-repellent plants and apply it like any other repellent. Several different plants are known for keeping mosquitoes away, and many of those also smell very pleasant. 


    The ever-present mosquitoes are some of the most frustrating hazards in Florida, and effectively keeping them away from your body is key to staying safe and comfortable on your family trip to Florida. With the right precautions, you can have a comfortable, relaxing vacation, free from bug bites and diseases!

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