Keeping Yourself Safe From Pests During the Pandemic

Keeping Yourself Safe From Pests During the Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to rage. After almost two years you should understand the importance of protecting yourself against the virus. Another area of safety – that you should be aware of – is pest control. What you have to understand is that pest numbers have exploded during this time. There are dozens of reasons for this. 

The biggest is simply because our lives are more constricted. This means pest controllers are less able to do their jobs and fight pests. Another reason is because people across London are spending more time at home. Because of this we’re generating more food waste and this is attracting pests. The bottom line is that you need to stay safe

To resolve pest issues once and for all, London residents and business owners should definitely think carefully about hiring a reputable pest control service such as Diamond Pest Control who are situated in London. Their whole ethos when it comes to your protecting client health and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic is to carry out their job with the utmost care and due diligence. 

Professional pest companies are kept up to date with training and public health concerns. They are guided by the practical advice of experts like the British Pest Control Association, who are at the cutting edge of industry practices. You can check the BPCA website for their Covid guidelines. They suggest responsible solutions for how pest central companies can get rid of rodents and insects safely.  

This is not the ideal moment to have a pest infestation on your hands. However, here are a few ideas for doing this. 

How to stay safe from pests during the pandemic 

1. Keep your kitchen clean 

Remember, pests are primarily attracted to food. The main source of food for household pests is your kitchen. This means that this area must be kept in a good condition. You’ll need to clean up before going to bed every night. This prevents pests from coming out at night and stealing food. Make sure to wipe all surfaces and also mop the floor if you can. Every few months you should do a deep clean. This should include cleaning under large appliances and furniture. Also make sure to clean the top of areas like your cupboards and fridge. 

2. Keep food secured 

Along with cleaning your kitchen, you also need to make sure that no food is left out. All food must be kept in cupboards which seal shut tightly. It’s also a good idea to decant all food into plastic containers or bottles. Pests such as rodents can easily tear through cardboard boxes and plastic bags. For this reason, and to support your pest control quest, all food in your London property must be kept in containers. Also avoid leaving food on your counters. It’s a good idea to pack away things like bread and avoid leaving fruit on your counters. 

3. Throw away rubbish 

Another source of food for pests is rubbish bins. These should ideally be emptied as often as possible. Do not leave rubbish to accumulate in your kitchen or outside. Indoors bins should have a lid which seals tightly. You may also want to store bins inside of floor cupboards. This adds an extra layer of protection against pests. Another thing you should do is frequently wash your bins. Over time the bottom of your bin can accumulate food waste, and this will also attract pests. 

4. Keep your London home clean 

Finally, make sure to keep your London home clean. The big problem here is when people eat somewhere other than the kitchen. Whenever you do this food debris, such as crumbs, gets left behind. To prevent this you should vacuum as often as possible. Also make sure to clean up clutter. Pests are able to hide in this clutter and also use it to build their nests.