A Definitive Guide to Selecting the Right Resume Writing Style

A Definitive Guide to Selecting the Right Resume Writing Style

Last Updated on November 10, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Are you drafting your resume? You will come across a myriad of resume writing styles out there. Therefore, it becomes hard to analyse how to start while designing a new document. In this article, you will know about different resume writing styles and how you can implement them in your career-changing document. 

Once you know about the right resume writing style for your needs, you can tailor-make your document to the given job description. Resumes can be divided into either modern, creative, or traditional styles. Once you have analysed the right style for your resume writing requirements, you can search for the right template to complete the document.

Top Resume Writing Styles to Know About

Let us help you know about the latest resume writing styles to help you achieve success in your career. 

Traditional Resume Writing Styles

This type of resume style goes by the traditionally-accepted resume writing standards. The given style is not dependent on high-end writing formats. Moreover, there is no utilization of technology as well for impressing the recruiters. Rather than this concept, the conventional style appears to be highly organized. Moreover, in this resume style, it is the content that does the speaking part.

When you have access to a conventional resume template, it is possible to make use of existing methods for designing your resume. Such resumes are perfect fit for industries like law, medicine, finance, or any other industry focusing on a conventional style of writing.

  • Single-page Resume: It is a highly sought-after option in most types of resumes. If you are applying for an entry-level job, if this is your first-time applying for a job, if you do not have extensive work experience, or if you look forward to working in a conservative environment, the single-page resume style is the right option.

In most cases, recruiters specifically ask for the delivery of a single-page document for most job applications. Therefore, you should go through the specific job requirements beforehand and then, commence with preparing your customized resume style.

  • Executive Resume: In case you are applying for some senior-level or executive job position, then you should opt for this type of traditional style. While standard documents are of a single page, executive resumes can be designed in two pages. Still, it will follow the writing standards of the traditional style. When you are applying for a high-level job position in a company, avoid elaborating your work experience extensively. 
  • Simple Resume: It makes use of a minimalist writing style for delivering more information and drawing the attention of the potential employers. Typically, these resume writing styles utilize Sans-Serif fonts, ample white space, and impressive organization throughout. When you design an attractive, yet simple resume, it allows the experience and skills section to be highlighted effectively.

Modern Resume Writing Styles

While composing a resume with a modern writing style, you should consider specific aspects like machine readability, innovative ways of putting forth information, and social media accounts. 

The given writing style leverages technologies or mechanisms for standing out from others. It aims at optimizing relevant keywords to allow the Application Tracking System (ATS) approve the document. Some instances are:

  • Skills-based Resume: It can be regarded as a contemporary alternative to the conventional styles of writing resumes. In such a document, you emphasize what you are capable of doing in addition to what you have done previously. 

When you have ample employment history or changing industries, this resume writing style is the best-suited one. When you submit such a resume, the recruiters can easily go through and analyse what you are capable of doing in a particular industry. 

  • Colored Resume: To make the document attractive visually, most resumes nowadays make use of the colored scheme. However, you should know to use the colors in the right manner. There are organizations using colors in offices or logos. When you are aware of the color scheme of the particular organization, it can help you in designing a perfect resume. 

While using colors, avoid using too flashy or comic colors in the document. Consider adding hues strategically to make the document stand out.

  • Two-page Resume: In a conventional concept, these resumes are not fit for job applications. However, these are highly acceptable in the modern job application scenario. You can make use of a well-formatted two-page resume writing style to impress the recruiters. 

When you have ample work history and wish to display it all in your official document, you can use this writing style. 


Writing a resume perfect requires some skills and a creative mindset. Make use of the right resume writing style to deliver great first impressions. Always pay attention to the respective writing guidelines to come up with a compelling piece of document. 

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