How can the Shoot-a-way Gun 12K improve your shot mechanics?

How can the Shoot-a-way Gun 12K improve your shot mechanics?

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Shoot-a-way Gun 12K is loaded with the top-level technologies presently existing in the world. This gun has changed the dynamics of a basketball game. The features of Gun 12K aids the player to grab complete control of every step as a facility basketball machine. The use of gun 12k also increases the chances of winning by ten times. 

The following mentioned qualities of Gun 12K make it an ideal choice for improving shot mechanics-

Frequency of shots-This is an exceptional feature that is only present in shot-away guns. This gun can fire more than 1800 shots an hour. This high-powered frequency increases the possibility of aiming for the correct target. This is a rare feature and is designed with utmost carefulness only in shot-away guns. While the other companies might promise you the brand name of Gun 12K, the spectacular use of technology can only be found in shot-away guns.

Touch Screen Facility-

Gun 12K is equipped with a touch screen facility and repays much more than the dr dish shooting machine price. This means there is no chance of losing the aim by the error caused by pressing the shot button with this game. Because in this you just have to set your aim and give a slight touch to the screen. You will not move at all, and the shot will take off within a fraction of a second. Receiving the pass is also easy because of this feature. 

The gun works on real-time analytics technology-

Real-time technology is the most unconventional technology used in the world. It is an unmatched invention of humans, considering his workload is reduced to half because of this. Staying updated is also very easy with this. The gun 12K keeps tracking every shot. The gun keeps recording and preparing statistics concerning your performance in the game. The statistics are clear, detailed, and freshly updated.

Works in consonance with the smartphone features-

The statistical report is prepared and continuously sent on the player’s smartphone. So that he can get regular updates regarding his performance, and improve while still playing. The loaded technology is smartphone-friendly. Hence, it is convenient for school-going enthusiasts. They can use it along with their friends.

Variety of locations-

The gun covers more than 200 programmable locations. This means that the player covers a broader range with 12k than any other gun. There is a vast variety of locations available, but the player is free to choose his favorite spot without any inconvenience. He simply has to touch a particular spot and reach the position to start shooting. Also, changing locations is just a matter of drag and drop in the ball. 

Availability of Coaching App-

Shoot-a-way provides its user with the facility of a coaching app to master the basketball game. A player needs ample practice to ace this game using a gun 12lk. The facility of the coaching app enables the user to quickly workouts and observe his progress and performance. With this app, it becomes effortless to decrease the expected number of mistakes while you are in the actual game itself. Other than this, you can compare yourself with other players and level up accordingly. This feature makes it an ideal facility basketball machine.

Warranty and Customization features-

This is one of the most attractive features of Shoot-a-way gun 12k. The player can customize his avatar according to his team’s color. He can also use logos and various designs to improve the appearance.

Shoot-a-way gun 12K gives its customers 5-year extended warranty specifically for part construction. And the 1-year warranty is promised in case there is some error in the shooting net. 

Contains Countdown Bars-

The level of competition is rising day by day. And to defeat the everyday emerging players, it is essential to make a constant update in your strategies. With Gun 12K, you can make the game even more interesting using its countdown bar. This can be used to announce in front of your opponents when you are going to shoot next. 

Wireless handler-

Wireless handler or remote lets the player initiate or terminate the firing whenever he wants. This wireless remote lets him concentrate better on the game without getting distracted. This also saves time and lets you change the drill in between the firing. The Gun 12K manually fires the ball just through a push of a button. Therefore, it is very easy to teach firing using it. The correct posture and shooting form are effectively obtainable through gun 12k. 

Front display-

Shoot-a-way gun 12k has a front display. The person can keep a constant eye on his progress and get statistical data throughout the game. Drill instructions are also available on the front display.


Apart from the above-mentioned features, various factors help shoot away gun 12k stand out from the crowd and makes it comparatively preferable than dr dish basketball shooting machine. The company promises faithful service and maintenance for a set period. The indigenous features are perfectly suited to access high-level shot mechanics. With the rapid advancements taking place in the technology world, Shoot-a-way gun 12k is a must to own to walk with the world. 

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