Should you have a Cloud for your Company or not?


Last Updated on November 7, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

Traditional antivirus is simply not a sufficient protector for you.

So how to protect yourself?

In addition to the antivirus program, the network firewall also protects you from hacker attacks. It filters communication between your computer and the Internet. Most medium and large companies already use this protection.

The ideal solution is the AWS cloud security. It allows you to set the same rules for all computers, tablets, phones that have access to corporate networks. Each device then connects to a firewall located in the cloud, making your communication secure.

Cloud services simply belong in today’s IT. You can resist, you can moan, but it’s only a matter of time before you succumb. As humans, we succumbed a long time ago – with the first e-mail box set up.

Businesses are gradually succumbing, precisely because of the “unfair” activities of users who use cloud services so naturally, because they are used to it from home.

Surely in private you protect the valuable thing you have – your property and with it your privacy. Reportedly, the worst thing about robbing an apartment or a house is not the loss of money or jewelry, but the feeling that someone has soiled our house has been dishonored because it touched what we love.

What should every entrepreneur protect?

  • Your financial data, because if you have it incomplete or inaccurate, the tax office will “eat” you.
  • Personal data, because to have control and pay a fine from the Office for Personal Data Protection is completely unnecessary.
  • Sensitive information, such as the salary of individual employees (so that you do not have unnecessary strife in the company, which leads to reduced efficiency or employee turnover. And all this costs you money).
  • Customer lists, including their purchase history (ie the gold of each business).
  • Computers and mobile phones so you have information available whenever you need it. Knowing that this information is accurate and that only you can see it.

If you already have a cloud security or cyber security for your data protection then all you have to do is hire a white hat hacker or ethical hacker with CEH training in Dubai and allow him to try to hack your security. He will try to penetrate the firewall of your cloud security and try to find any vulnerabilities in your security.

How to choose an ethical hacker?

It is clear from this that the demands on the penetration tester are really high.

  • He should be a person who is not only an expert in cyber security,
  • who masters hacking tools and knows the latest attack techniques,
  • but at the same time it should be oriented in a server environment across different operating systems,
  • A hacker with CCNA course in Dubai should know how the networks, applications and systems he attacks work,
  • should be able to at least know the basics of programming,

and it is best to constantly learn and learn new things in all this.