Here’s how skip tracing can be used for finding real estate leads

Skip tracing

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If you happen to be in the real estate market then you might often come across properties which you think might be an excellent investment decision but the only thing preventing you from proceeding forward is the lack of knowledge regarding who owns the property in question. One way of figuring out the owner is by checking the different local property records. But sometimes checking local property records might not bear fruit and here’s where skip tracing real estate comes into the picture.

So what exactly is skip tracing in real estate?

Skip tracing is the process of locating the owner of a property in the real estate market. A lot of investors around the world have been using skip tracing for finding the finest opportunities and a lot more investors are expected to follow suit. The ability to track the development and behaviour of their leads enables agents to determine where they are abandoning new buyers. Moreover, the best skip tracing software can help agents to find and contact prospective leads who have already inquired about a property. Agents can target their prospects better with this information and increase their chances of closing a deal. People and assets can be tracked using it. To obtain more targeted leads, agents can use this information to improve their marketing initiatives. Additionally, skip tracking software can assist brokers in determining whether a property has been rented or sold.

Owners of distressed properties make for some highly motivated sellers and often these type of sellers are known to offer investors a spectacular deal. Real estate agents in real estate markets all around the world are using skip tracing for finding sellers as skip tracing continues to get a lot more popular and more extensively used. Skip tracing seeks to find the name of the owners, the current addresses of the owners, their phone numbers and also their email addresses.

Here’s how real estate investors can use skip tracing

  • When it comes to the real estate market, skip tracing can actually be used for a wide number of things. With the help of skip tracing real estate leads, you can look for different types of properties, including and especially distressed properties.
  • Skip tracing provides a lot of options for the purpose of effectively finding property owners. There are several methods under skip tracing to use and before you decide on the method best suited for you, you should first have a very crystal clear idea of what you intend to achieve by using skip tracing.
  • If you just intend to look for the information of a few properties, then there’s no need for you to consider skip tracing options because you can easily find such information on your own, without really doing much. All you need to do is to run some basic search engine queries or run searches on White pages or on different social media handles.
  • There are different skip trace services in the market today and they provide different levels of data. The skip tracing real estate leads will provide you basic information like the names and the addresses and also confidential and private information like the last sale date, price as well as mortgage details.
  • Some skip tracing services can unearth very detailed information for you like the vehicles owned by the property owner and all the criminal records (if any) of the property owner.
  • It really depends on your needs and your ambitions at the end of the day. If you intend to run direct mail campaigns then you can use skip tracing services that provide the most basic of information. But on the other hand, if you personally intend to call each and every owner, then you can surely benefit from having some extra information at your disposal.
  • Then we come to multifamily properties and if you are researching the same then you really need to have a lot of info going forward. Most of these properties are often owned by business entities, which makes it highly imperative on you to find the business owner.
  • There are many skip tracing tools out there in the market but some tools are surely much easier to use than the other options used for skip tracing real estate leads. In some methods you might need to enter  each address one at a time to get the required information. Other tools offer services like batch skip tracing making it all the more easier for you to find the best skip tracing real estate leads and most extensive data on several properties at once.
  • How you market to the different property owners will eventually depend on the data that you end up gathering in the form of skip tracing real estate leads. Once you have the required skip tracing real estate leads, you can consider writing personalized letters to each and every one of the property owners or instead you can choose to call them or you can even consider the owners to your direct mail campaign.

The Bottom Line

With the help of skip tracing real estate leads you can find some really lucrative opportunities that you might otherwise not found. You need the right data to get insights that might help you in securing the best deal for yourself. For succeeding in real estate investing it is very important for you to find the right deals and skip tracing will make the entire process, all the more easier.

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