Solar Equipment Which You Could Install At Your Home

Solar Equipment Which You Could Install At Your Home

Last Updated on August 18, 2022 by husnain

Going ‘solar’ does not mean you require spending thousands of dollars to cover with solar panels on your roof. Instead, the solar companies in Melbourne, Australia, can provide you with ideas of various solar equipment that can be easily installed in your home.

There can be various practical ways that can be used to install solar equipment in your home. Here are some of the equipment that can be used in your home.

Ventilation Fans:

When the ventilation fans are solar-powered, the cooling costs can be reduced. The ventilation fans help exhaust the entire hot air from the room, kitchen, or attic spaces. The exhaust fans were traditionally wired directly into the electrical current, which is very energy-consuming. But now, the modern fans are roof vents. They come with small panels of photoelectric cells that can be operated with the fan’s motor without the need for electricity. Standing solar-powered fans can also be used in the play area for the kids or on the patio. In addition, the small-sized roof-mounted exhaust fans are ideal for chicken coops, sheds, garages, or the doghouse.

Water Heaters:

The traditional water heaters can be replaced with solar-powered heaters. The mechanical circulating pumps can circulate any form of liquid from the rooftop to the storage tanks. For example, the solar companies in Melbourne, Australia, possess two types of solar-powered water heaters- Active and passive water heater systems. 

  • Direct Circulation Systems: This system possesses a pump that can circulate the household water to the home through solar collectors. This system works well where the water never freezes.
  • Indirect Circulation Systems: The non-freezing liquid can circulate within the solar collectors to the heat exchangers. The energy which gets transferred to the water can flow to homes easily. This system can work well in countries with freezing temperatures.

The passive water heater system is cheaper than the active water heater system.

  • Thermosiphon systems can use the design where the storage tank is placed above the solar collectors. When the solar collectors heat the water, it can rise automatically into the storage tank. The tanks must be installed carefully as they are heavy and can be placed on the roof.
  • Integral-collector-storage passive systems: Where hot water is needed substantially, this system can work well. The countries where the water seldom reaches up to the freezing temperature can be ideal for this system. The Sun heats the water storage just as the room gets warm through the direct sunlight through the windows.

Solar House Heating:

The entire home can be heated with solar power. The homeowners who are serious about renewable energy and can invest in solar power for the whole house can go for the substantial investment.


Solar equipment can be energy saviors that are easily installed in your home. Water heaters, solar-powered ventilation fans, and solar house heating can benefit homeowners who want to invest in solar power energy. Other solar-powered systems that can be available are also for managing the lighting systems within your home.

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