Escape From Tarkov: A New Map, APC, and Many More

After more than a year and a half, fans of EFT now have more news about the Streets of Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov: A New Map, APC

Last Updated on January 20, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

E3 is one of the largest events that showcase what the video game industry is up to every year. While the event was abruptly postponed in 2020, the online streaming for the anticipated event for 2021 is more than enough for gamers all around the world. There were a lot of announcements made during the Summer Game Fest by Geoff Keighley. From upcoming games to more news about games that already have a concrete release date, there was even a segment for Battlestate Games, the developers behind the intense shooter, to talk more about what to expect in the future for Escape from Tarkov. They went on to show a trailer showing what seems to be a new map for players to explore, a formidable Scav boss, and even an APC to boot. Unfortunately, there were no announcements made for new Tarkov items or variants of lucky scav junk boxes, but maybe they’ll be planning those things down the line.

Streets of Tarkov

Streets of Tarkov wasn’t exactly a surprise to many who are fans of the punishing shooter since it was already revealed back in 2020, but thanks to the Summer Game Fest, gamers got another look at the map through a trailer that’s packed full of action called “Battle for Concordia”. The reason why Streets of Tarkov is such a big deal is because of how it’s going to be a big change for the players. Almost all the time, the players in EFT would always move through rural and industrial settings. Needless to say, Streets of Tarkov is a change that’s welcomed by the players with open arms as it now gives them a different scenery besides the dark and drab wartorn places they always frequent in the game. For those who are excited about the Streets of Tarkov, the map will be in a more urban environment within the big residential complex called Concordia where players can loot all sorts of Tarkov items, lucky scav junk boxes, and even bitcoin Tarkov.  According to Dmitri Ogorodnikov, the head PR of Battlestate Games, the Streets of Tarkov map have been in development for more than a year and a half. The trailer highlighted some of the key locations within the map such as the apartment buildings, retail spaces, abandoned daycare centers, and parking garages.

More Destruction

There are a few other details that were shown in the trailer that caught people’s eye as well. The gunshots caused items such as paper to scatter through the air while the pages from the books in the trailer fluttered. This resulted in players and fans of Escape From Tarkov possibly think that there may be a new debris system that’s going to come to the game. And they’re pretty much right to think that that’s the case. Dmitri already hinted after showing the trailer in the Summer Game Fest that they have indeed done some sort of magic to make the destruction even more amplified and tweaked the physics of the objects. If this is going to be released together with Streets of Tarkov, then EFT players will no doubt be hyped. Escape From Tarkov has always had a sophisticated ballistics model that gives in-depth attention to detail unlike some of the other shooters that are currently out in the market.

A New Boss to Defeat

Alongside Streets of Tarkov, the trailer shows off what appears to be a mysterious appearance of an armored personal carrier, and with it, a terrifying Scav boss that looks not to be messed with along with his operators. The armored vehicle even has tons of serious weaponry that can easily tear players to shreds if they get in the APC’s crosshairs. Even with the tankiest armor kits in EFT, players shouldn’t get in the way of the NPC Scav boss. There’s no major news or information yet as to who is the new boss and how he and his crew will be implemented within the game.


There’s no actual release date yet for the Streets of Tarkov map, but according to Battlestate Games, players will be able to find more about it soon. While players didn’t necessarily get anything game-changing beyond the new location such as additional Tarkov items and ways to get more bitcoin Tarkov and lucky scav junk boxes, the announcement that was made via the trailer was more than enough to keep the players who are looking for something new in EFT at bay. What do you think of the additional information about the Streets of Tarkov? Let us know your perspective on this below.

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