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Wear Rings

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Do you know that wearing rings on different fingers actually has meaning? If not, you probably aren’t someone that’s super used to wearing this specific type of jewelry!

However, if you’re interested in stepping up your ring game, but don’t know how to make them look good, we can help you there. Our detailed information below will give you the foundation you need to find your personal style!

Remember that even though these tips may help you get started, you’re free to get creative with your rings. After all, jewelry is all about expression! With that in mind, let’s talk some more about finding the right rings for your look.

Keep reading to learn how to wear rings in a way that will be most comfortable for you.

Find Your Ring Size

Before you choose your rings, you need to know what size you wear on each finger. You can find your ring size by using a ring sizer, but you can also do it yourself by taking measurements.

Remember that your finger size will change a little bit as the day goes on due to different activities, your diet, and even the weather. You should measure your ring size at least a few times during the day to get an accurate idea of what the ring size for each finger is on average.

The ring should be loose enough that it can slide off your finger when you want it to and tight enough that it stays put without worry.

Use a Style Guide to Find What You Like

There are so many types of rings out there that if you haven’t worn them before, it can be hard to figure out which type suits your style and sense of fashion. There are statement rings, stackable rings, cocktail rings, cluster rings, and much more.

You also will want to consider what type of metal and stone you like. Some types of metals look better on certain skin tones than others.

You can also wear multiple rings at a time, but to do this, you need to be sure that you can still move your fingers naturally and don’t have any issues. In general, it’s best to stick with just a few rings between both of your hands at most.

Complement Your Outfit

This is where paying attention to your style and outfit choice is crucial. If you’re going for a formal look, you’ll need more formal jewelry (such as statement jewelry). If you want to look like you’re more casual, casual rings will help make that.

Even if you’re wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans, if you wear statement jewelry with it, the outfit won’t look quite right. You always want to choose the style of rings after you choose your outfit so that you can make sure they go together well.

Learn How to Style Rings With Other Accessories

Aim to always try to get a cohesive outfit by planning out all of your accessories beforehand. Whether you’re going for a chic, fun look or you want something more grungy, you need to be consistent.

You can check out some options on to get an idea of what one type of style would look like. As you can see, you can pair the same type of rings with other accessories, including belts, hats, socks, and other jewelry.

Always plan ahead to make sure that everything will go together and swap out items that might not look right.

Now You Know How to Wear Rings With Style

Learning how to wear rings for your personal style and fashion choices isn’t hard, but it takes a little bit of research. Once you have your ring size and know what type of rings you want to buy, you’re ready to start trying new outfits and accessories to complete the look.

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