How you should take care of your children with thermal wear?

Thermal Wear

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Thermal wear can take advantage of the heat radiated from the human body, “confine” that heat so that it does not escape. The normal human body temperature is 37 degrees when such heat can be retained in cold winter weather, wearing five or seven layers of clothing to keep the body warm as before is no longer possible necessary anymore.

How does heat-retaining clothing work?

Thermal vests in particular and thermal clothing, in general, are special types of clothing that work:

  • Keep body warm: as mentioned above, helps to confine the amount of heat radiating from the body, and utilizes this heat to warm up the body in winter days.
  • Comfortable to wear: due to the special fabric, good elasticity, and almost no feeling of wearing because it is too thin, so the wearer often feels extremely comfortable when wearing clothes that hold heat.
  • Durable and highly elastic: most heat-retaining clothing has very good elasticity, no matter how much it is stretched, it will return to its original state, so when you buy heat-retaining clothes, you can It is quite normal to use it for several years.

On cold days, people, especially children, get sick very easily. You can buy thermals online. Therefore, it is very important for parents to know how to keep their children warm to maintain a stable body temperature in wintertime and still feel comfortable, especially at night and when going out.

How to take care for your children in Winters?

Many parents worry about how their children are dressed to be warm enough. Wearing too much will make you uncomfortable, but too little will make you cold. When dressing your child, parents should pay attention to ensure that 4 points on the child’s body always need to keep warm, namely: hands, feet, chest and back. The rest of the head ensures that the child’s head is cool.

Pay attention to make sure 4 points on the child’s body need to be kept warm

  • Warm hands: Keep your baby’s hands warm, not cold, not sweaty.
  • Warm back: Like the hands, the back of the child needs to be kept warm because if the sweat on the back is not wiped in time, it is going to get to the back of the body of the youngster, leading to cold. If you find a child’s neck and back cold, it means the child needs extra clothes.
  • Warm tummy: A warm belly will help protect the baby’s stomach. If the stomach is cold, the cold stomach will affect the digestion and absorption of food.
  • Warm Feet: Feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the baby’s body because under the feet there are many vessels and acupoints. The child is more susceptible to air condition when the feet are not warm. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to keeping their children’s feet warm on cold days, baby thermal wear for the baby even at home, wearing extra shoes when going out.

It’s not because it’s cold that parents cover their children’s heads with hats all day long.

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