Know Your Target Audience before Writing a Press Release for Your Brand

Know Your Target Audience before Writing a Press Release for Your Brand

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Press releases can have different angels of writing. You have to determine who your target audience is to find the ideal angle of writing a press release.

Press Releases are distributed through different media outlets and commercial wire services to convey the news about your company to a massive group of audience. You may think that your press release is only targeted to the journalists looking for a good story, existing and potential customers looking for their next purchase, and investors searching for financial details about your company. But in reality, today’s press releases can be for everyone. You just need to figure out who these people are by going through the audience targeting data.

Most business owners do not think about the target audience when they are writing a press release. That is the reason most of the press releases fail to attain success in the field. Previously getting your hands on the audience data was not possible. But in today’s digitized world, it is quite easy to access them. Let’s find out who your target audience can be:

1. Unconventional media

Traditional news outlets are not just the media platforms that should be your primary focus. Bloggers, social media influencers, podcasters, and more have a massive impact on the market these days. Distributing to these new media outlets can be cost-efficient yet highly effective at boosting brand awareness and sales.

If you want to get their attention and get your PR placed in their blogs or podcasts, the first thing you have to do is find out which ones cover your specific industry. Before you approach them, get to know the likes and dislikes of them and their audience. Be persistent and consistent with your approach and PRs. You must regularly provide them with a high-quality press release to build a trustworthy brand image.

2. Consumers

Though the main objective of issuing a press release is to get placed on the major media outlets in your industry, it can be targeted to the audience directly. Research your target audience before you write a press release. Learn what they want to know about your particular industry or what is trending among them at the time.

Craft keywords as per the phrases your target and potential audience use to search for something in your industry. Use these keywords in your press releases to make them reach your customers easily. But don’t make your press releases look like an advertisement. Make it journalistic and informative to gain their trust.

3. New investors

Press releases are not just to keep your existing investors informed about the details of the newsworthy events happening within your company. It can also be used to attract new investors who are looking for profitable investments. If you are looking for new investors, you should write an exclusive PR that showcases the success and growth of your company and how much potential it has for the future.

  • The press release should factual and number-based statistics to make sure it satisfies the readers.
  • Answer the queries a new investor might have in detail in the press release.
  • Explain why investing in your brand is more profitable than others.

4. Search engines

You should also keep the search engines in mind while crafting your PR. Search engines are a high priority now with an immense number of companies distributing press releases regularly to boost their SEO. Ranking higher in the search results assures maximum online exposure and audience engagement for your brand. That is why you must craft the PR in a way that helps it appear higher in the SERPs.

  • Add keywords in the title and body of the PR.
  • Make sure they fit correctly with the sentence.
  • Add multimedia in the PR. Google gives preference to content with images and gifs.

5. Affiliates

Affiliates help you sell your products on a broader scale by reaching out to customers through various platforms. It is important to keep them aware of the new product or service launch every time. So whenever you release a new product or bring changes to it, make sure to inform your affiliates about it. Write a press release solely directed to them to attract their attention to the new products.

Using the audience data of your specific industry, you can easily create PR campaigns that are targeted to a particular group of people. 

Here are some examples of how to use the audience data to write your press release:

Determine the audience segment

If you are just starting a business, you might not have a clear idea of who your target audience may be. Suppose you are a gaming company, and your goal is to reach the millennials and Gen Zs looking for new entertainment. Your target audiences are males and females between the ages of 10 and 40. Once you have figured out this with the help of the audience data you collected, you can craft your press release targeting those age groups. You can also distribute to those media outlets frequently visited by those groups of consumers.

Optimize campaign and messaging tactics

Your press release conveys a message to a certain group of audience. But the message can be directed towards a totally different crowd that you might not have considered before. For instance, if your company sells jewelry for women, data analysis might tell you that your target audience is not only the females but the males as well, who might be interested to buy the product for their loved ones.

So, you will have to write some of your press releases and establish a distribution campaign from the gifting angle as well to attract the attention of the male audience along with the female buyers.

For effective and successful press release writing, you should employ the help of a professional PR writer or agency. The expert writers are well-versed with the ever-changing needs and requirements of the industry. That way you get the perfect press release that attracts all types of audiences. Renowned PR agencies offer quality press release writing services for every single industry. Here you can find affordable PR writing services, in case you’re interested.