The Amazing History of the Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair

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Chairs glorious chairs!  There are chairs for old people, chairs for strange people, chairs for fancy people, and then, there are bean bag chairs! Bean bag chairs either appeal to you, or they don’t. But one thing is for sure, there’s something about the variety of colors and styles that they come in. The bean bag chair made its graceful debut onto the interior home furniture scene in 1968, an apt time for out-of-the-box designs what with all the changes that the 60s would bring. 

But have you ever wondered where the bean bag chair actually comes from? Keep reading to find out. 

The Bean Bag Chair Goes Boom! 

During the 60s the world was alight with friction and change. There were civil rights changes made, Star Trek was bursting onto the scene, the first edition of Rolling Stone magazine published, and of course, the bean bag chair was born.

The brainchild of three young Italians, bean bag chairs’ intent was to be shapeless, formless works of art that had to mold with your body when you went to take a seat. 

Originally, these guys created the best bean bag chairs with beautiful leather as the covering, it was a piece of furniture that was to adapt to your lifestyle and your needs. 

Once the design was complete, Macy’s was the first onboard with an initial order of 10,000 units, hence, the bean bag chair goes boom! 

Part of the Art 

In later years, bean bag chairs and the design thereof was actually considered to be part of the art movement coined as Italian modernism.

The bean bag chair was pretty far-out in terms of its groundbreaking design and formless beauty. From then and until now, bean bag chairs sometimes simply form part of a room’s design and are a bespoke conversation piece that is meant to just add character to a room. 

Bean Bag Chairs Moving Forward

As with any art or piece of furniture, as time marches on, so too do the designs and the functionality of these things. 

In the 70s, the best bean bag chairs were appealing largely to the hippy community, so frigid-looking leather chairs were just not going to make the cut. The bean bag chair was adapted at that point to be more colorful and materials were changed to nylon or polyester. 

This was when the bean bag as we know it today, was born. 

The Best Bean Bag Chairs of Today 

Today, bean bag chairs are not just featured in college dorm rooms or children’s entertainment areas, oh no! These chairs can be found gracing beautifully interior-decorated homes in luxury magazines and in other surprising places. With advancements in design and material use, bean bag chairs can be fun, functional, and even fancy!

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